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Hoarding: When Too Much is Truly Too Much

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I am considering adding a video blog section onto my website ( I am a little nervous about video blogging though. I have seen some REALLY bad ones. i.e. people who don't clean the room before they hit record, bad lightening, boring to watch, etc. But i have also seen really good ones as well.

What is your opinion on video blogging? What do you think it takes?

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Amanda, I say go for it! But make sure you are doing it with a purpose and providing a value to your viewers. I, personally love vlogging. In fact, my entire site is pretty much all vlogs but that's just because I'm better talking than writing. I actually offer vlogging tips on my site if you're interested. And if you ever want help or guidance just let me know - would love to help you out! Good luck and let me know when you get vlogging - I have a weekly vlog link up you could take part in.
Lizzie, Love your website. It answers a lot of questions for someone like me!
I agree, you should just go for it!! You will attract a whole different audience to your blog. I can't tell you how many hits I get on my blog and Twitter page that come from YouTube. Plus, it's fun... If you'd like to learn more about vlogging, one of the most popular mom vloggers on the web, Jendi, is hosting a webinar about beginning vlogging for only ONE DOLLAR!! Here's the link for more info:

Hope to "see" you there!!
Thanks Desiree. I will check this out.
I absolutely LOVE to Vlog and I do think it makes my blog a little more interesting. :) I know that whenever I come across a blog that has some Vlogs, I definitely take time to watch them. Sometimes it's much more interesting to watch a video because you can see the emotion and see a lot more than you could get through a text blog. :)
For the past few weeks, I have been posting one vlog (it's part of the requirement for my Mamavation Boot-Camp); I'm still trying to decide if I want to keep it up once Mamavation is over. I need to check out the links everyone left.

But, if you want to do it -- then go for it! You can always decide to stop if it ends up not being your thing.

(oh, and -- yeah, I completely agree . . .there are some VERY bad ones out there; I think people should really try to make them as professional as possible so viewers aren't distracted by bad sound, lighting, or a messy background)
Google loves video. If you have video on your site, you will most likely come up on the first page of a Google search. GO for it. It's a great way to promote your brand and message! For some fun tips visit

Kimberley Clayton Blaine,
Founder, www.TheGoToMom.TV
Vlogging is very easy - press record and talk. The boring part on some I agree with, but the lighting and room I don't care about so much - to each his own :-)
Thanks everyone for your input! I will practice!<3
Vlogging is a blast! I host a weekly meme called "Monday Mingle". It is a great way to start vlogging, as 3 questions are posted for you each week. I hope you'll join in!
I love video blogging! It takes a bit of courage to start, but becomes easier the more you do. Sounds like you already have some good ideas of how a video should look.

It will definitely help your blog. Plus if you start and absolutely hate it you can just stop!

Do you see the link above for the Mom Vloggers Club?


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