Please help us raise awareness for World Hunger Relief

(Crazy about my baybah) and I(Family and Life in Las Vegas) are co-hosting a giveaway for a cause

Basically it is a post to raise awareness and spread the word about
world hunger.  But we haven't really had much of a turn out.  So I was
hoping you all could help us out and get the giveaway post going. 

We are asking people to post the pre-written blurb on their blogs which
will automatically get you 5 entries into the contest.  The giveaway is
20 snack happened reusable special edition world hunger bags by itzy
ritzy.  (Each of us are giving away 10)

This is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.  We were originally
going to ask for donations in exchange for a bag - but we know money is
tight everywhere.  So the next best thing we can do is raise awareness.

Will you please please help us get this started?  Check out the post
- and see if it would be something you can post up on your blogs.  (And
then don't forget to enter) THANK YOU.  I promise I won't be upset if
you can't fit this in.

Itzy Ritzy has been so generous, and the World Hunger Relief org has
been so nice.  I would love for them to get Google alert bombarded with
these posts.

Thanks a million!!

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