PLUM STEAL: A $20 Gift Card to Everyone's Favorite Store

Back to school shopping is getting pricey

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Each day, Plum District provides savvy moms an exclusive daily “plum deal” from things that make moms’ lives easier and special treats that reward them – or their families -- for their hard work. The typical Plum District mom is a busy mom who is tech savvy, works hard, wants the best, loves a little splurge now and then, but is also very practical. In addition to the daily email, the “plum deal” offering is also featured on the Plum District home page, Facebook and Twitter pages. The available offers represent a range of savings of up to 60% off retail price, generating ongoing consumer excitement and word-of-mouth viral marketing.

Plum District provides purveyors of goods and services that appeal to moms, with a no-cost sales tool that not only effectively reaches your target demographic but also provides a compelling and immediate call-to-action. Plum District will soon be offering national deals with household names that will be available – and relevant – no matter what city one lives in. We currently offer deals in the Bay Area, and are launching in 14 large metro markets across the nation in August.
Because merchants (like you!) have control over what they choose to offer on Plum District, the opportunity can be leveraged to give a marketing boost to aspects of your business or certain product lines that may have an opportunity for better performance.

There is no charge to engage in a merchant partnership with Plum District. Merchants only provide a specific and limited number of offers available exclusively to Plum District members. Offers, which are targeted to moms, are carefully and collaboratively crafted to ensure maximum impact. Merchant partners approve all offers and content for the “plum deal” offer(s) to ensure proper and positive brand positioning.

I would like to schedule a meeting to discuss a potential Plum District partnership, or have the opportunity to answer any questions you may have, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! Check out our current deal discount on a Local Target gift card!

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