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Christina - Check out my children's books pinterest board - there are some here you may be interested in:


My name is Sam and I have just joined the mom bloggers club network. I have 4 kids and like to blog about our daily lives living in France. My blog can be found at

You are so real - I followed you

Yes, I've had the experience of muscle ache after working out and constantly having to go the loo. I had a good laugh....but in a good way because I understand. I'm trying to lose weight myself. I've lost 50 and still have another 70 to go and its so hard. 

Well done!


Thank you Marion. I'm following your board on pinterest


Thankyou Christina :)) I am following you as well now

 Good Ideas! Following you now.

Oh, believe me, I've had my fair share of failures too! A lot of times my projects don't turn out exactly the way I pictured them in my head. It's all a learning experience, the trick for me is to have LOW expectations....very low :)

I totally get your frustration with the desk. I'm in the process of building a vanity for our upstairs bathroom and it's not going as easy as planned. I've had to start over three times already!

Love the headboard and end tables! I've never taken on either of those projects so I'm very impressed!

It was epic!


Good tips for moms getting back in shape. You are right that it is really important to find something you love to do for a workout. I used to like to go to the gym by myself  and do the weights and cardio but now I don't want to have to think about it, so I go to classes where they do the thinking for me and I just have to follow along. It works for now!


Thank you for sharing your blog. I often need help finding new books for my daughter and  feel overwhelmed by the choices. Molly

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