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I just started to following you everywhere! :) 

Vicky Willenberg said:

Congrats!! Getting on Pinterest is on my To Do List.  So I will be sure you check you out!!




twitter: @PursuitOfNormal

Ashley Butler said:

Hi everyone! Before we officially launched our blog, we posted here and got a great group of followers. We also followed many back. We love meeting new bloggy friends. We have OFFICIALLY launched our blog as of last week. It was fun and exciting to finally tell friends about this secret we have been keeping! If you like pinterest and other crafty, home-making type things, check out www.thepinningmama.com We post 6 times wee about mommy stuff, life stuff, pin tests and more! We have a lot of fun and want you to join in! Starting next week we will have a big freebie as well as a giveaway! 




G+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/108196085901275440601/108196085901275...

Thanks for checking us out! 

Following you now, Could people follow my blog? I just started recently and am still getting the hang of blogging. Also new to this site :) http://mommy24zz.blogspot.ca/ 

Hi , I'm just wondering if we could exchange follows? Visited your blog! Great job here's mine http://www.mygraceheart.blogspot.fr/

I could truly use some followers, and would be happy to return the favor :) I'm new at this!



Please check out my blog. I always follow back.


Please check out my blog. There is a few giveaway there that's not really any entries yet.


Narathip Wall said:

Please check out my blog. There is a few giveaway there that's not really any entries yet.

Follow me at ParentTrapped. My boyfriend and I co-blog about parenting our 3 month old son, two dogs, two ferrets, ball python, and turtle. We also share parenting tips, breastfeeding tips, cosleeping tips, photos, and more.

I'll be going through and following some of you as well. 

Hi everyone! Looking forward to connecting with more bloggers. I am new on Mom Bloggers Club, you can find me at www.amongmanyblessings.com!


Sometimes Glam Mom Facebook (Like and I'll like back!)

Looking forward to some new followers and finding some good new blogs to read as well! I need more virtual mommy friends :)


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