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question friends...On you're internet presence, domain names

So I'm curious, how did you choose you're internet name and do you use
the same one in all you're online accounts (email, domain name,
twitter, youtube, formspring)?

I had no luck securing my real name in most sites, and I didn't want to
have a bunch of different names all over the internet so I chose
GraceLovesIggy, because the odds of another Grace finding and Loving an
Iggy enough to choose it as her username are slim at best.

Now though I wonder if people look at it and dismiss it thinking I
write solely about my relationship when really I have a variety of
things I write about or want to.

Also how do you feel about people having multiple specific blogs and usernames divided by topic rather than one site or channel?

For example the majority of my blog is about pregnancy thus far, but if I were to start writing reviews on books, makeup etc. would it annoy you that it's neither here nor there in relation to a Grace loving an Iggy?

Personally if I like someone's style I'd rather read it all under one
blog/channel even if its completely different topics than have several
places to check but I see several people write one blog that's
personal, one that's for makeup, etc. so is that what people prefer?

thanks :)

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I just downsized for the 3rd or 5th or 10th time. I've worked as many as 10 or 12 and sometimes 15 domains at once and now I'm at 5 or 6..wait, it might be 7.

It's a lot of work either way......a lot of work. I am liking the less blogs feature of my life, but I'm having to dig up stuff from the old sites that I wrote and someone wants to see it...that's not fun....s

Did that help? I'm guessing it didn't.
I have found it best to have separate blogs by topic especially if you are looking to monetize it and make a living from blogging. I would definitely not add anything about make up or book reviews unless of course it had to do with pregnancy. Now if this is just a personal blog you can do whatever you please.

As an example, I have a weight loss/fitness blog and I would not add anything to it about remodeling our home asking for input on paint colors, etc. That would be appropriate for a separate personal blog.

Hope this helps!
I started a huge reply about niche's

but it went away
but I have
diet and nutrition that was on don't eat that and this ain't no blue jean body
I had my personal site, a crack in life which ended up being a paid posts site
so i had another personal site which i still have Mom~E~Centric

I have my sports site Lebron Magnet
I have my product reviews site Product Reviews by Me

I have my Education site, Education Uncensored but I let my admin position for the school's pto site and main site go b/c I couldn't keep up with them, I let PhD in Kindergarten, PhD in First Grade and PhD in Second Grade go

I had a media site which will probably resurrect soon, Four Reason's Media, but for another purpose
which was split into two sites, JerriAnn for personal blogging stuff and JerriAnnReason for professional now it is all on one at The Blog Ambassador

I have a paid posts site which i use celebrity gossip on Life in Reality
I have a paid posts site which I use politics on Michelle Obama Watch

I have My TV Boyfriends that I just let go of last week

wow, I'm exhausted

so now, you can find me at
personal blog is
product reviews is
Lebron James is
Education is
I'm freelancing an education site for Meet Me at the Corner at

I have 2 sites that I do 4 to 6 columns each for every day, 7 days a week, and those on Vernon Croy are in my name, the ones on Hot Cappers are ghost written

and I do their Trends one on Wager Run which is also ghost written by me

I also handle a few social media accounts...

All that said.............I think Angie is right that niche's need a place, but omg, don't go crazy like I did and divide up buying toilet paper on one site and buying paper towels on another...lmao sometimes I even crack myself up
KISS keep it simple sweetie, as an author it's easiest for you to have one blog. I agree if the blogger is interesting I'd rather read all their stuff on one site too. I can skip the post that are not my cup of tea.

Have a wonderful day,
my God jerri ann you just gave me a headache thinking about managing all that lol. Well my bloggie is more personal and started before I was pregnant so I think it's less target specific than any of your blogs. I think I'm going to keep it simple and use the one domain name
Believe it or not, I've taken down the number that I have right now but I've been on the speaking trail and it is so much more fun to have a microphone than do all that typing, lol! I love it.

I am also in the process of rebranding myself to some degree and adding a branding idea as well.

Grace Silva said:
my God jerri ann you just gave me a headache thinking about managing all that lol. Well my bloggie is more personal and started before I was pregnant so I think it's less target specific than any of your blogs. I think I'm going to keep it simple and use the one domain name


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