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Hi all!  The world of food blogging is growing so rapidly. Lots of blogs out there post cooking and recipes. So let's hear your input:  if YOU occasionally post a recipe and photo, do you consider yourself a food blogger? If yes, are you a "foodie," then?  Does being a "foodie" require professional food credentials, or is it a generic term for people who cook?  Love to hear your thoughts!



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Good questions Patti.

I post about food either experiences or recipes regularly (so not sure if I fit the question, it's more than occasionally), although it is not the only thing I write about on my blog, but it is core because food brings my family & friends together. It's part of my day & life as a mother. When I make food for my family it's an entire experience. I love bringing good food to others & sharing a passion of good stories & good food.

I believe that being a foodie means you have a passion for food & the experience of sharing food in love. I don't think you need a special set of credentials to do this, good food & good stories come from the heart not from the CIA or other fancy school. There are many amazing food blogs out there that are written by people who share the love for food & come from all walks of life, like good food around the world it started from the average person sharing it with family & friends. Same thing when people come to my blog, I hope to share with them ways to make food in love that will get them talking around the table while eating.

There are also people who just cook, post recipes, & are technical about it but there is no love in their food or sharing. I don't think those are the same as foodies or food blogs. They might be technical sites for how to cook food but unless the passion for what you are sharing is there then it's no different than picking up a how-to book that lacks any authentic voice or way to make me (as the reader) want to share in the experience of that food.

Anyway...I rambled. I could write a book on this but I'll stop. In short a foodie is someone who loves the experience of food & sharing it with others, creating an experience, and does so with a passion that comes from the heart. It takes no special skills just a desire to bring people closer together over a good meal or good drink.
Amen, sister. As a food blogger, a foodie is someone who loves to eat (and possibly cook) good food.
My one and only recipe-ish post was accompanied by a picture of the burnt-charred results. I am NOT a foodie-cooker. I'm a foodie-EATER. I visit many blogs who occasionally post recipes. I don't consider them foodies.
If you are passionate about food (eating or cooking), then I think that would qualify you as a foodie. There are no professional credentials required to be a foodie.
That's a tough question!
First of all, sometimes "foodie" seems to be a bad word--people think of food snobs. In my opinion, a "foodie" is anyone passionate about food. So, I think if your main blog content is regarding food, you can call yourself a foodie. I don't have a culinary degree (I do have a Masters Degree in another area) but have always loved food, creating fun in the kitchen, and am passionate about having fun feeding your family. I create recipes, have won cooking contests, and yes, do consider myself a "foodie". I also think that if you have a food blog you should try to create original recipes at least half of the time.
If someone occasionally posts about food or a recipe but their main blog content is about something else, I' wouldn't call them a "foodie". That's just my 2 cents.:)
Just because their blog isn't about food doesn't mean they aren't a foodie. It just means that particular blog isn't a foodie blog.


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