Baby Showers: The Next Big Thing

Like so many modern celebrations, Baby Showers have arrived in the UK from North America. It’s a real tradition over there and, like High School Proms, Halloween and Black Friday, one of those exciting social events that is catching on big time over here.

The idea is simple but universally appealing. Throw a party for the pregnant mother and her…

Monetizing Your Mom Blog is Easier Than Ever With

As a new generation of influencers crop up on the net and veteran bloggers continue to idealize the way for interacting with brands and getting paid, companies the world over are vying for the attention of both. Some are wooing bloggers with the prospect of lucrative affiliate deals while others pile influencers with products for reviews, added with a monetary benefit. Some companies are flying…

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So I joined MBC last week and I enjoy all the new blog I'm following and all the new followers I have. But one slight complaint I have is a lot of the blogs are nothing more then giveaways and coupon blogs.

Are there any bloggers out there that stick with general mommy topics, crafts, reading, marriage?

If so I want to follow my blog and exchange I think you'll enjoy my blog.

Check out my blog

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well I checked out your blog, it's great - i followed it!

Can I ask you a couple of things, how did you set up your blog button - or did you pay someone to create that for you??

Also how do you get such great fonts? I'm a blogspot blogger too, but I can only chose from a couple of fonts???

thanks for that Alex

You can check my blogs if you like..
I tend to agree with you. I have a "real" blog, but (lol) at the moment I'm having a giveaway simply because I just opened my own online shop. Otherwise, I generally talk about my business, life with kids and husband, and generally anything that comes to mind.

The Boulie Blog

And I even have a (somewhat neglected) French blog if you're curious... sorry about the current topic, I promise it's not always like that and generally isn't!

I have a real blog, though I am doing a giveaway, but I still blog about children, parenting, recipes, etc. Love to have you as a follower, as I am one of yours! :)

Passionately Curious

I actually designed my whole website myself. The fonts I downloaded from The button I made using Picnik.

Thanks for the follow! I'm checking your blog out now!
Visit my blog it is full of content. I blog about parenthood and life. You can find me on this site as well as others. Here are my URL: (here)

I've been sort of wondering the same thing! I've visited several of the blogs listed here, and it's refreshing to find people blogging about life instead of just selling something. I'm a freelance writer and I typically blog about life parenting my two teens (tending to focus on the more humorous aspects), and occasionally creative-writing related stuff. You can find my blog at:

By the way, TOTALLY COOL blog button, Alexandria. You've inspired me to actually check out how to make one for myself!

Holly :)
Hello Alexandria,

I sent this same message out a while back. I too am looking for real writers who do not do promotional giveaways. I understand and appreciate that these women are working hard but I prefer to read real life stories.

My blog, titled IS DIS NORMAL OR DYSFUNCTIONAL, is a non-fiction adult fairy tale that exposes the raw truth of what happens when I, a girl from Massachusetts, naively leaves my sheltered fairy tale world behind in search for true love in Aspen, Colorado.

I hope that you enjoy my humorous and inspirational story about how dreams do not always need to be shattered and that love is worth waiting for, especially if you want to throw children in the mix
I don't do giveaways. I'm a mommy (well...a grandmommy now!). And a professional writer. And a blogger who posts every single day -- NON-giveaway, NON-review posts. Well, wait a minute. I do give prizes for the winners of my weekly haiku contest, but they're silly antique finds, not advertiser-supported goodies.

Check it out, if you'd like:


Mine doesnt have anything but the everyday stuff I do.. Off to check yours out!

Hi Alexandria. I'm about to check out your blog. Love the title.

I have a real blog all about mommyhood. No give-aways, coupons, ads, etc. It's all posts about mommyhood. My purpose is to talk about how to live "organically" without giving yourself a nervous breakdown and keeping a sense of humor and a sense of reality. I'd love it if you came by to check it out. Would love to know what you think!!!

I'll go and look at yours now and let you know what I thought about it! Thanks for sharing.

I feel the same way. I am new to the blogging world. I just created my blog a few weeks ago and through browsing blogs I find a lot of surface level blogs on giveaways and coupons and tips and stuff, I am looking for the real stuff as well. I am a Navy wife and SAHM to a 21 month old daughter. My blog is about my life with these roles and the thoughts I have about stuff and things I am dealing with and learning in my life. Check it out if you want. I love your blog and I check up for new posts on a regular basis :)

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