So I joined MBC last week and I enjoy all the new blog I'm following and all the new followers I have. But one slight complaint I have is a lot of the blogs are nothing more then giveaways and coupon blogs.

Are there any bloggers out there that stick with general mommy topics, crafts, reading, marriage?

If so I want to follow my blog and exchange I think you'll enjoy my blog.

Check out my blog

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I have real blogs!!!

Come and see me, I would LOVE to meet you!!! =)

I just write about daily life, but since I got my little one the posts have been about her only... And now I don't really have much time to blog anymore either, boo. Your site looks great, I'll bookmark it cause it seems like the baby needs a new diaper :x

I have a "real blog" as well. I do blog about all kinds of things...but it's real, open, and honest.

Hands, House, and Heart Full
That is a link lol. Just in case you can't click for some reason it's

Were you referring to me? My blog was down for about 30 minutes earlier but it's back up if you are referring to me. Other than that I don't know of any broken links on my blog.
Hi Alexandra,
I blog only about mom topics---specifically how to foster a love of reading and writing with babies and young children. I'm headed off to check out your blog right now!

I hope you enjoy my blog!

I'm enjoying visiting some new blogs (new to me) that have terrific content other than marketing. I blog about a frugal, green and simple approach to family living at my blog. I have three young children under the age of 5, and find myself inspired on a daily basis by my full time and favorite job ever, parenting. I do an occasional review/give away (but only when it's in support of something I truly believe in). I hope some of you will drop by for a visit and a comment at Rosie Girl Dreams. Thanks!
Jeanine Ertl
Rosie Girl Dreams
I'm Mona, married mom of two boys with a real blog. Just posted There Goes Time.

~ Mona
More Milestones
View my blog with lots of Parenting Articles which are also listed in article directories and Kids Craft. It has real value to offer to readers. Visit
Oops-- I forgot to leave my url so that you can check out my blog!

I write about reading and writing with babies and toddlers. I don't advertise or sell anything on my blog. I'm just a mom who also teaches reading and writing and loves to write and share ideas.

Hope you enjoy!

Beth (and Lily, 8 months)
I just changed my blog to reflect the real issues going on in our world! I am older than most moms here, and we have been hit hard with the recession. I had all these things going on in my head and finally decided to write about them. We have been to the top of the mountain and fell as far as two people possibly can financially. I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me (us), I am writing it more for myself and also, to show that the downturn in the economy affects EVERYONE! I do hope some of you will join me as I just started this blog a couple of days ago. It's called Our Platinum Paradise, and you can find it at:
I blog about family topics, my kids and issues which I am interested in relating to parenting/education. Once in a while I throw in book reviews of books which I have read.

My blog- From Dominique's Desk




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