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Opinions on using real names vs. fake names?

Safety for my kids is my 1st priority.  Just wanted some input from
some of you who have been doing this for a while.  Do you use your real
name?  Do you use your kid's real names?  How do you keep your kid's
identity safe in a world of creepy predators?

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I use my real first name on my blog, but do not use my children's names or my last name on my blog. One of my kids has a very unique name and besides that I don't think its fair to them to put them out their like that. We always hear about the internet being a permanent trail... so even though I don't post anything bad about them, there is no reason for me to start that trail for them, if you know what I mean.
I use real names, but never last names. If I had started blogging today and not 10 years ago, I'd probably use fake names on all of us, but now it's out there already and it feels weird starting to blog with fake names...
I use my real name and haven't had any problem with it. I think theres a difference between safety and paranoia. But I dont use my kids name and often just call her 'kiddo' so I'm not even having to specify if she's a boy or girl.
I use my real name, but I very, very rarely mention my daughter (she's the munchkin) or my husband (my DH) by their name. I figure if I am still blogging when she's older, she's not going to want to be embarassed by someone in her class googling her name and finding out potty training stuff! LOL It's also a safety thing - folks following my blog can see where I am shopping/our haunts. I would hate for some sicko to know her from my blog and call out to her, and try to grab her away from me, or something equally as frightening.
I use my real name even though it is very, very unique. However, I hardly use my son's name. I will admit that I regret ever using my real name, because it has been a gateway for a few people whom having been stalking me and harassing me online for several years now. I've sent them a cease and desist order a few years ago, but the stalking / harassment still continues 7 years later...

I think as long as you have a very common first name, you shouldn't worry too much about safety issues unless you're sharing your last name and address information.
I use our real names, but never include our last names in it. I will feel weird if I have to use a fake name.
We all have fake names. I also keep pictures of my son off my blog. I have only posted 2 pictures of him. One was from 2 years ago so he looks completely different now and the other did not show his face.
I would never use your real full name...maybe just first name. I use my full real name many times because I sell a product and want people to be able to see that I'm an actual real person! But in the blog world, first name is okay and nicknames (especially for kids and hubby) is the best approach and cute nicknames tend to be really popular and fun with blog readers! :)
I do use my real name and my girls real name and hers is very unique. I am proud of her and her name and I am not sure how having her real name out there is going to increase or decrease creepy predators, honestly.

I do not see some sicko only attacking kids whose names he knows, lol. Most people post images of their kids and most people post their general location. Even if not, if someone really wants to, it is easy enough to find out most times with their links to facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. even if they do not list it, but have a lot of friends in one area. So. I really do not get how a name is going to change any of that.

Also, I am planning on homeschooling and she will always be with me or someone I completely trust so I guess I just do not 'get' how making up a fake name would change any of this. I am not going to post my address, phone number, SSN or the like on my blog so I feel pretty safe that no one out there is going to track me or my child down,

As far as not wanting her to see it or know about it, the reason I started this blog was to commemorate her life, to capture and share all the wonderful moments in time that I will never get back. When she gets older I want her to be able to contribute to it more and look back on all the times she may not remember and know how deeply she was loved.

I am not seeing how this will come back to 'haunt' her. I guess it is a parents choice, but I really see no real threat from real names.


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