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Recharging and giving yourself a little "me" time during the day is essential.

How do you recharge during a busy day?


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Friday's winner is Regan. Congratulations.

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I usually step away from my desk, do a little yoga pose for stretching, grab some fruits for snack, and then go outside to get some fresh air. If everything else fail to freshen me up, I get a cup of joe.

Fresh air is so great to recharge!

I like to watch one of the shows that I am interested in. It helps take my mind off of the housework and blogging duties. :)

Yes, this is always a go-to for me as well. Or I listen to podcasts.

Definitely by going running. I feel so energized and love to actually start the day that way before everyone wakes up in our house.

I should start to run more. I usually get on the treadmill, but there is nothing like getting out there and just running, or in my case, walking :) 

All about running! BEST way to unplug!

Recharging for me usually consistent of one of three things: A good book, prayer/ mediation, or time AWAY from the kiddos. I love them dearly, but mama needs time away sometimes! lol! (It just ends up making me want to be with them more. Totally a win-win situation. ;)

This sounds wonderful! 

I love to take walks and get fresh air...something about fresh air.....I also enjoy naps...those are good too. haha!!!

Naps are really nice. I love taking them on a rainy Saturday.

I turn off EVERYTHING and just sit on my couch for a hour before the kids got home from school and the husband came home from work. You will be amazed on how it charges you. 


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