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Over the past year we have been working with some of the most distinguished brands to make sure we have all the proper partnerships in place to offer you some of the most fabulous products, brands, opportunities, exclusive events, discounts and cold hard cash–and we’ve got it down to a science. To attract and retain publishers, Glam Mommy Media has teamed up with it’s sister company Luxe & Lo Public Relations to roll out a fun and profitable new social media experience, unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard of, in January 2011. We are launching GMM Publishing, a Multi-Media Publishing Network exclusively for Women– a revolutionary platform that is the ultimate merger of brands and the most influential women on the web! To participate, please fill out the form at– It will take about 10 minutes or less. In the next few weeks one of our new websites will go live and we’ll be celebrating with a live twitter party and contest. We also have four major launches this spring and will have several Editorial positions available, so feel free to shoot me a line if you’re interested.

We are offering publishers who qualify a complete range of solutions including:


PREMIUM BRAND ADVERTISING: We have the tools, resources, reach, and most important, the top premium publishers to capture CPM advertising from all major brand advertisers (entertainment studios, fashion/apparel/retail, beauty/cosmetics, health/wellness, food/beverage, automotive, financial and practically any brand looking to reach men and women online!).

GMTV & ChatliciousTV: We’re going to be offering high-quality, rights-managed, dynamic content tightly coupled with brand advertising from top tier brands and companies– creating the opportunity for every blogger to host syndicated video and vlog on a GLAM MOMMY MEDIA channel. In addition to serving multimedia content on a huge platform with an estimated audience of 2 million at launch, our publishers will have the opportunity to monetize their video content as well as their blogs.


TOTAL WEBSITE MONETIZATION: Beyond traditional brand advertising, we understand that there are additional revenue opportunities on your site and our multiple platforms will help you explore and achieve your monetization goals, such as  contextual, search, sponsorships, advertorial, and more).
TRAFFIC GENERATION: Through our websites, affiliate partners, advertising, marketing, modules, widgets, and cross-linking—we will work with you to bring additional visitors to your content.

CONTENT SYNDICATION: With partnerships in place with top portals and destinations, we can leverage your content to a larger audience base.

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT AND SERVICES: We will collect and share data about your users to help you get to know your audience and garner targeted campaigns.

DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT TEAM: Upon joining GMM, you’ll receive consistent hands-on service from our account management team.

NETWORK EVENTS: It is important that we develop a trusting personal relationship beyond a business agreement. GMM will begin hosting several networking events each year, starting in 2011.

ALIGNMENT OF PREMIUM BRANDS: As the ONLY and most integratesdistributed media platform for women of our kind, we need to be selective. Your inclusion and association with Glam Mommy helps validate you as a top notch premium publisher to brands and companies.

REPORTING AND PAYMENTS: We will provide all publishers with timely and in-depth campaign reporting, and prompt automatic payments every month.

Update your information for this program at

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Interesting, thanks for sharing!

What a great service you're providing for other mom bloggers!  I was wondering... do you have a link to a post explaining the program?  I would love to pass the information along to my readers!


Please contact me through - so I can be sure I got your information!





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