Just wondering... Are there other families out there who DON'T celebrate Santa at Christmas?

We do not celebrate Santa in my household and people look at us weird. ;)

I discuss further in a Mom Spark blog post here:

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Is that a religion thing? Or do you do it for some other reason?
Um, not really for religious reasons, we do celebrate Christmas, but we treat Santa as a make-believe character and not as a real guy. We also don't do the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc. We still have fun with all of those holidays, we just don't bring in the characters with. Our kids seem to be somewhat normal! (sorta)
I miss the Santa days! We didn't celebrate Santa, but it was so much fun to believe in a magical person who could bring you gifts. I also believe that it taught my kids a lot about the spirit of giving.
we don't play Santa up, but we also don't come right out and say that he is real. we let my 6 y/o make up her own mind. she doubted him the other day, and all we said was "well, what do you think?" The tooth fairy on the other hand is real, no doubt there. We don't do the Easter bunny thing.
My children are now 14 and 20 and to this day I still can not bring myself to say the words to either of them! Yes there is a Santa Clause, or at least once upon a time there was. I would think that especially with the diversity we have in our world that people would not find it strange at all that there is no Santa in your home.
Yes, we do Santa as in "You better be good because all your teachers have Santa's email." Our principle used to stop by the little kids' classrooms on the last day before Winter break and tell the kids that he was just about ready to send in his report to Santa. The kids thought it was so cool that their principal knew Santa's email.

I've also told my kids that Nana has his phone number and that every dept. store Santa and man that looks like Santa is a spy for the real Santa.

We also put out cookies for him, a glass of Scotch, reindeer food (carrots), and cheese for Santa Mouse. Santa is a big deal here.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Of course, everyone is free to believe in whatever or in whomever they like. But here, on Planet Mom, Santa Claus is indeed real.
I actually just wrote a blog about this very topic. We don't bother with Santa because it isn't really that meaningful to us. Someone commented that I was sad and lazy and that people like me were what was wrong with the world. It was pretty mean and I was quite surprised, since it was not that big a deal. So I completely understand when you say people look at you weird!
Well, it's nice to know I'm not alone. I honestly don't have a problem with people celebrating themselves, I just don't appreciate being looked down upon for NOT doing it. People have said the same to me as well. **hugs your way**
Just wanted to let everyone know that I discuss this further on a blog post here:




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