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I'm 6 months into blogging and I'm about to migrate to WordPress from Blogger, the whole self hosting nightmare... Gah. And, I'm reading up on making money blogging and I'm not sure if I should take this opportunity to just revamp it all. I'm a couponing, deal posting, mommy-blogger, and my blog title has nothing to do with that.

You can see my current blog at:

and my new one that I'm working on now at:

(which I just found out that I'll need to have a site instead of the .com I was building, apparently) *sigh* It's never-ending!

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I have a self-hosted blog using WordPress and wouldn't consider doing it any other way. There is so much versatility with self-hosting and is very similar to

You should read Kristen Lamb's book regarding social media and blogging, Are You There Blog? It's Me, Writer. She wrote the book targeting author's or author hopefuls but there is SO much really great information that I think any blogger could use.

Id' say switch the name. The title dilemma is one that Kristen spoke about in her book...starting with a particular title, then changing the focus of your blog to the point where the tite no longer works. She as well as the instructor from a blogging class I took recently, both suggest  people use their name for their blog, if possible. It's yours and you can change your focus to anything you want down the road. That's what I did with mine

If you get stuck with, let me know. I'm no expert but I have a background in web design so I can muddle through some of it. Otherwise, the forums at are very helpful, too

Good luck and keep us posted!


Thanks for your reply Diane! :)

I'd change the name now. I assume you don't have a high page rank yet, so start off right this time. If you want to be found as a mom blogger, have "mom" in the title. The more keyword in the title, the better. That's what I have been told.

OR do what I did: I started with but my blog name is Dagmar's momsense.

I would switch over to Wordpress self hosted as soon as possible.  I recently did a webinar about Wordpress vs. Blogger.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

With Blogger:

Your blog can be deleted overnight

You have limited flexibility with design

Loss of advertising ( a lot of advertisers want you to have a self hosted blog)

Lack of support (customer service is awful)

You do not own your content


Noone controls your blogs destiny - freedom to do as you please

More room for improvements and growth

More advertising possibilities

Top Notch support ( I use Host Gator)

You own your content, can create your own Terms of Service, etc.

If you get stuck I would check out  but I would be happy to answer questions for you at

Hope this helps!


Here's another thought. Say you start out with your name -- we'll call it Down the road, you decide to change your domain to You could acquire the new domain name and add an autoredirect from to Anyone going to your old site would be seamlessly redirectled to your new on.

I just switched too :) Don't let it scare you you'll do great.  Wordpress is so much better honestly it is.  Self hosting is awesome lots more freedom.

As far as your name- not sure I like it and depends on if you have a decent following you may not want to change that.  But you could do a fresh start.

This article is about switching it's simple and has a tutorial  I didn't use it I had my tech guy transfer mine but this looks very simple maybe it will help :)

Wow, this is great info.  I'm using Blogger but this is all making me rethink that decision.  Looks like at some point I'll need to start a transition to Wordpress...


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