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Do you have sensitive, dry or easily irritated skin? Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotions can help your skin heal itself and retain its natural moisture. Their +SPF 15 lotion will also help protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun! This lotion is awesome! Non-greasy, doesn't smell like chemicals as some other sun protection lotions do, and a little goes a long way.

Per Skin MD Natural - Their +SPF 15 lotion “has a proven UVA protection factor of 5+ (over 5 times greater than the skin's own protection) while the UVB protection is 15+. SPF15 filters 92% of the UVB and delays the onset of sunburn by up to 150 minutes“. Their website also says it’s a Shielding Lotion - “it provides a barrier against outside irritants and elements and keeps the skin’s natural moisturizers in, so the skin can heal itself”.


Now that spring is here -- we're all going to be outdoors more frequently. We need daily sun protection. Did you know there are approximately 11,000 deaths associated with skin cancer every year? That's pretty SCARY! Don't be a statistic....wear your sunscreen every day! Keep your skin young and beautiful....the sun can only age and damage your skin!

Check out my full review and Giveaway of a full sized 4 oz. bottle at my blog--Retro Girl: Surviving The Suburbs

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