How To Keep Your Home Allergy-Free

Nobody likes suffering from allergies. For parents, it is especially hard watching your kids battle runny noses, watery eyes, frequent sneezing, and other symptoms. Help your children overcome their allergies with clean air to breathe and a healthy diet. 

Keep Air Clean

This infographic shows ways to rid…

How-To Check Your Home Maintenance

Home maintenance tasks are few people’s idea of a good time, but tending to them at the appropriate times is vital to making sure your home stands for as long as possible. Here is a brief list of some of the maintenance tasks you need to get in the habit of doing now – before it is too late.

Damage Checks…




Have you ever shared anything on social media that you wish you could take back? 

What is your general advice about using social media? 


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I don't think I have, but my advice would be to really think about it before you post something. This should definitely be the case when it's something personal or your view on something.

Social Media is a sticky situation. 

What you share isn't only read by your friends, regardless of what the privacy statement says. Your friends can share with their friends and their friends with their friends and so on. If you wouldn't put it on a billboard in Times Square, you probably shouldn't broadcast it on social media either. Keep it simple and sweet. Be real be you and for goodness sake becareful!


Kita B.

Advice:  If you are a reviewer, have a Media Kit prepared.

When you are approached by a PR firm, or a company that's interested in working with you, you should have information on your blogs social media reach (how many Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), how much you charge for a post, and text link placement. Also share a bit about yourself and the focus of your blog.  Include companies you've working with in the past as well.

Having your Media Kit at the ready, and responding to the customers request as soon as possible, is a great way to represent yourself.

I always think twice before I post something in the internet. If it is a picture I make sure the room looks good in the background, if the person in the picture likes the photo and if I am ok with showing the world a little slice of the world around me. I may have posted something on social media that I wish I could take back, but I think once you do that- you learn something about yourself. Now I always think twice. 

I don't. I am very opinionated and very open about how I feel about things. But I do make sure before I hit post that I read it over a couple of times to make sure it is what I want to post before I do it. But if I am mad or intoxicated I make sure I don't have my phone.


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