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Ok, seriously. There are 1million blogs out there. How can we stand out from the crowd? Readers are getting the same thing everytime. My articles has always been copied (with reference) elsewhere. That makes my blog same as others? Do we hold contest? Interviews? Free gifts? What do readers really want so that we can drive more traffic to our blog?

Can somebody comment if my blog is worth readership?

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Hi Wendy,


The best way to increase searchability is to use keywords in your posts and meta-tags in your header (find this in the theme editor). To find out what people are searching on to find your site look at your site analytics. If you haven't set up an account do this right away. Google Analytics is a good option. With analytics you will see what keywords people used to find you.


Use the Google Keyword tool (just search for it) find out what keywords people are using to search for mental health. Watch for the keywords that get the highest number of searches. Those are the keywords you want to target for your articles.


Post often and of course comment on similar websites and blogs. Google loves regularly (read frequently) update blogs.


If you need more information or want some one-on-one help with finding and using the tools I mentioned feel free to ask. I'm more than happy to help.


I'm starting a new blog,, to answer these kinds of questions for beginning bloggers.

Hi Wendy-

Looks like Rich Single Mama offered some good advice! There's also a post on my blog about SEO Basics. It's a good place to start!

Hey Everyone,

All of these replies helped me out so much!  I've been so stressed out about people not following my blog lately, but I need to remember why I'm doing it.  It's such an enjoyable thing for me, I'm seriously a happier mom after I've blogged (is that bad??).  It's just a great way to have "me time," and I was in desperate need of a creative outlet!


I'm following you now

Be creative!  Design your own banner/background/buttons!  It's fun too :)



I've recently added a new header to my blog, featuring myself as Superwoman! If that doesn't work, I don't know what will!

Your blog is filled with a ton of different content.  Do you write any of it?  You probably don't want to just copy articles and post them on your blog because Google doesn't like copied work and you won't get a good ranking that way.  Meaning your blog will be harder to find. So for you something different would be to find your own voice.  There are a ton of "other moms" but there is only one you :)  Just be yourself and the people will come.  I love the Safari theme BTW

I think what it really comes down to is having a voice. Sometimes I find myself coming off really "Textbook bloggy" and i have to reign it in and blog how I would normally talk, because that's what makes me who I am!

I would also be open to any criticism :)

you could try pinterest? I like it alot and it could give you some ideas for blogging?

I would love to increase my readership as well. I am finding it a bit difficult. I do like coming on to the site and reading other blogs.  I have found some great blogs. I normally keep track of the blogs that I join and try to comment on them at least once every other week until I just never hear from them.  I love having tons of blogs to read and respond too.



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