Starting Design site. Get you free Design (not spam I promise!)

(Not looking for any more ladies at the moment sorry.)

Okay Im trying to get my Design site out in the open and a good way to do that is by word of mouth. I would love to make you ladies a design. Maybe you need a card design made or a new header for you blog? What ever your needs are Im sure I can fill them. If anyone is interested please let me know! Below are some current things I have made.

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I would love to help you advertise your new skills!! I would love a new header for my blog, or even just one of those super cute buttons that everyone has. What do you need from me?

Name of blog and colors you like =] Oh an Idea of what you want it to look like. Example : Swirls, flowers, stars. ect.
so im not really sure how i want it to look. im definately not girly girl, so nothing too frilly. i have a baby boy so i would prefer maybe blues/greens/browns. stars and swirls are cool. i have been using the title "the adventures of a first time mom...." you can be creative and do pretty much whatever you want. Thanks!
Okay I have something in mind. Im going to start this tomorrow my lil girl is in a grumpy mood tonight!
Hi Caroline,

I could really use your help. Plus today's my birthday :) Please e-mail me heather at happyandhealthymom dot com as I would love to help you promote your designs in exchange. Do you just do graphic work or do you actually design the blogs, etc ?

Hi Christina,
I could use some help! I already have a design in png format but i need to do some tweeking. Let me know what you can do. Check out my blog, I love to support independent artists so anything I can help to promote your design site. How about doing a giveaway of a custom button??? I can def. post this and feature you. Let me know what you think.

I just started a new blog called The Sassy Semi-Vegetarian and can't find a recipe / cookbook / foodie type banner or clip art. Of course due to the name it should also have a attitude... I usually like darker colors but not sure if it would work for a food blog.
K ladies im going to try to get to all you ladies asap! My labtop is being a lil crazy today with working (the fan went out yesterday and I got it fixed so who knows whats going on with it now!) But Im going to start working on Christina blog tonight and after her I will get the rest of you ladies started!
That would be awesome! and what design do you have that needs tweeking? could you e-mail it to me.
Would you want like a vegetable in you banner? or just wording?
a vegetable sure... but what ever you think looks best........

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