Hello everyone, how about if we add each other as friends on Stumble? If you'd add me, I will add you back.

Here's my Stumble Upon user page: http://jmom88.stumbleupon.com/
EDITED 03/13/09
Sorry to all who have added me before. Unfortunately, I've had to open a new account on SU and my new user name is now Blogurl1.

I'm going back through this list to add everyone as friends again. Please add me too. Thanks!

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hi Chloe, added you :)
Hi Girlz,

Please add me:


Chloe Ginsburg
Thank you dear
I added you. I am caroleand2daugh

I added you.

I added you darlin! Pretty page and sorry to hear about your news!

I added you melody

Have a great new year!
I am in illinois too! It says you are a guy!

ok, so I am adding people, if don't get to you, or couldn't find your link please add me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE NETWORKING and all my online friends. http://caroleand2daught.stumbleupon.com/


add me as a friend here too.

hi everyone!! I'm new to the site and I love stumble and my husband likes it even more...lol thats all he does when he gets online. He just clicks on "the World" as he calls that little globe and finds all sorts of interesting things...I don't use it too much its more hubby but,just wanted to get on here and let everyone know I added everyone here. here is where you can find me http://ezziriah.stumbleupon.com
Hi, my stumble upon page is

To those that still have accounts, I have send friend requests.





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