What new tech toys do you have your eyes on?

I am thinking about getting the Vivian Tam digital clutch. So cute!

I already have The Peek and love it!!

And, I still don't have an iPhone, although I don't know if I really need one, now that I have The Peek.

What tech items are you thinking about buying? Add pictures if you can!

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I'd like to get a Flip!
Totally want an Iphone.
I covet the new designed Flip Mino HDs

HP Mini 2140

Blackberry Bold

And much more! I truly am a TechLovingMom - on a shoestring budget! :)
The Flips are becoming soooo affordable. And I've noticed that the price of netbooks are coming down too, because Wal-Mart and Costco are starting to carry them.
i just bought a black berry and love it more than my computer
I am totally lusting for a Kindle. The hubs teased my by telling me that he tried to get me one for our anniversary, but that he thought a small laptop might be more of the thing. He didn't end up buying either. Rats!

I have this, and it is AMAZING!!! I dreamt and saved for a long time when I knew it was coming out. Then, I waited for a good sale and got a good deal on it.

I have a short-run print business that I run from home and I'm a complete Epson freak, so this printer was a must for me!
I want to get a Sony camera that's comparable to the Kodak Easyshare M380 I won recently. Not digging the Kodak. And, I'm in love with my big Sony camera, so I think a pocketsized one will be my next purchase...

I have a Palm Pre and it is AMAZING. I can email, tweet, facebook, etc from it. I could post blog posts via email if I wanted to, but I prefer my computer for that. Love the camera on the Pre as well.

Can't really think of any big items I'm dreaming of getting. I need small stuff, like a wireless mouse, and maybe a desktop docking station for the laptop/accessories. Ah yes, and an external hard drive... hmm. Now you've got me dreaming!

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