Is Gambling a Man's Thing? We Dare to Disagree

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I've had a lot of blog posts in my time as a blogger...easily thousands. It's hard to pin down exactly the one that is the best. I actually have a lot of "best" posts. I'm really proud of the posts I've written for my blog on

What is your best blog post of all time? Why?

Make sure to leave a link because if it's your best we want to read it!

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What an interesting question. Got me thinking, that's for sure!
I have to say my favorite post was "Don't Pretend You Know Me". It was in response to a horrible anonymous commented and really allowed me to bare my soul. I had no idea how much I needed to do it.

Thanks. Can't wait to read all these other "favorites"!
This question was actually very easy for me to answer. I have two favorite blog posts that come to mind.

  • The first one was I'm Sorry For The Way You Feel. This was written in response to some nasty comments that I received from the same anonymous commenter. Instead of handling it nasty like the way I was feeling, I decided to reiterate the purpose of my blog.
  • The second post was a part of my Housewife 101 series. In this particular post I talked about how I used Google to try and help me fix my sink. Only to fail. It was hilarious.
I'm pretty new, but so far the one that sticks in my head quite a bit is called Paper Eating Baby:

It was the first time my son ate something--actually, a couple of things--he shouldn't have, scaring new-mommy me. I'll never forget those incidents. Come to think of it, I'll never forget the eating-foreign-substances incidents since then, either, or his first fever, or last December when vomit was our life, or the first time I took him to the zoo and wrestled with feeling like an irresponsible parent because what if there was an earthquake and the animals escaped, namely the lions and chimps, and----etc., etc.
That is tough. I think I'll have to go with this one simply because I wrote it from the point of view of my two year old so it extra funny, at least to me!

I love my Not! Me Monday posts too. Every week I wonder if I'll have something to write about and my kids (or hubby) never fail to give me material!
I'm now following your blog! I just love your writing style. So honest and hilarious! I love your Fantasy vs Reality post for your birthday. I can totally relate!
My best post so far is titled, "We cuss at our baby". It's my favorite because every ounce of it is true!

A close runner up is "So I made a cleaning schedule". Again, it's completely true. I guess all of my posts are true, but these are true and really funny. The kind of stuff that I couldn't make up.

I'm looking forward to reading everyone's faves.
As a blogger (and psychotherapist) my best blog ever has been "How Much Shopping is Too Much?" I've seen so many clients go through distorted relationships with spending, and this article sums it up!

Happy reading!
The best? Or the Funniest? Or the most thoughtful response?? Hmmm....
I'm gonna give two. Is that breaking a rule?

My 9/11 Story

And a funny one:

What I want for my birthday vs. What I'm really getting!
Photobucket ~Carissa
I really like the one I wrote the first day I started my blog. Are there any Whos in Who-ville?
When you start a blog you are never sure if any one is actually going to read it (besides your husband).
I was so happy when I got my first comment on it.
That's a GREAT post!
hhmm.... let me think about that one. Since I've been blogging since March 09, I'd have to say this one:

How young is too young for Twilight Saga?

It may be a silly post to some, but was one of my best when it came to opinion, and writing ethics, for myself!

At this time I would have to say that the post I wrote today is my favorite. It is about my daughter...Time Flies

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