Whether we like it or not, there is a learning curve to mom blogging.  No one's perfect and that means sometimes we make mistakes. What is the biggest mistake you've ever made as a blogger?

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My ongoing biggest mistake is getting too excited about something and then watching reality take place.  We hosted a giveaway day, where all day long we had planned flash giveaways and freebies for our readers.  Reality hit hard that we did not have a lot of real readers when only a few of our giveaways got any entries.  I worked so hard on sponsorships and promotion and the end result was heartbreaking. 

Now that our readership has grown, I have decided to try again with another event where I have sponsors lined up to giveaway a lot of birthday related products and all of them are working moms.  If other bloggers would like to help me post these giveaways I have paid link opportunities (this is just so we can all participate in a cash giveaway), but I also have free link opportunities.  Please go here for more details:


Or e-mail me at - Thanks, Jaime

I think that was a great idea, lol.

Ellen Seidman said:

My biggest mistake: Jokingly offering up my mother-in-law as a giveaway. OK, I was being passive-aggressive. I didn't think she'd find out. But my sister-in-law told her and she was ticked. Worse part: Now I'll never be able to give her away on my blog.

You, me and everyone else in blogosphere is kicking themselves for not starting sooner. I've been thinking about a blog for two years. Just launched it last month. Don't ask me what took so long, fear of the unknown I guess.
Gina Baker said:

I should have started 4 years ago when I first heard of! Oh well, I am here now. :)

Probably, quite a few. But, I'm going to focus on the positive!

Definitely not editing well enough on occasion.  Sometimes I try to post too quickly and even though I always proofread, skimming just doesn't do!

I've seen a couple of others mention this same thing already but I learned that building your life's work (or business) on someone else's site (like Blogger, Squidoo, etc) won't work in the long run.  Own your own domain and your own hosting package.  Use those others for throwaway ideas and spin-off tests.

Treating it as a hobby!

I actually have a post that I have long wished I wouldn't have done but also am glad I did. I have toyed with taking it down but have not and will not. I have toyed with changing it but again have not and will not. It started out as a simple idea, someone asked me a question in an interview and I decided to expand on that question, BIG MISTAKE. I still get hate mail for that post and people missed the point of it, prehaps I should have explained it better. Basically I was a snob in high school and that was the question, what were you like I had no idea it would cause a virtual firestorm. Ouch, lesson learned.

I had a tag "girl fight" which google thought was offensive. It was an innocent mistake

I wouldn't have told my (ex) Mother in Law. She is constantly stalks it and tells everyone, everything.While I know that it's a "public" blog it still bothers me that she doesn't have anything better to do haha!

i am having such a hard time learning blogger. i think i may look into wordpress

Kristen said:

Starting on Blogger. I definitely learned a great deal and Blogger is an awesome publishing tool. So much more can be done with Wordpress though...and my blog (and posts) are more easily found now.

omg! my in laws are the same but its the sister in laws LOL i think my blog would be doing a lot better if i could share with all my facebook friends but they stalk me on facebook and twitter lol its so frustrating haha
Sonja Harmon said:

I wouldn't have told my (ex) Mother in Law. She is constantly stalks it and tells everyone, everything.While I know that it's a "public" blog it still bothers me that she doesn't have anything better to do haha!




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