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Whether we like it or not, there is a learning curve to mom blogging.  No one's perfect and that means sometimes we make mistakes. What is the biggest mistake you've ever made as a blogger?

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Facepalm.....definitely over sharing. To the point of feeling a little nauseous after I posted, then feeling so embarrassed that I've taken the post down. I think I was trying to be real and honest and just...share.
Starting on Blogger. I definitely learned a great deal and Blogger is an awesome publishing tool. So much more can be done with Wordpress though...and my blog (and posts) are more easily found now.
The biggest mistake I ever made was pretty bad, I think. I have a daily post called the Low Entry Lowdown where I list low entry giveaways so my readers can help out fellow bloggers (and themselves!), and I found this awesome site where a lady was listing different giveaways. I misunderstood and thought she was only doing it for extra entries in giveaways, but it was actually a post similar to mine, so it was just like stealing someone else's content. I felt terrible and embarrassed! I'm really glad she was so understanding about it. Needless to say, I haven't been back to her site yet....I don't ever want her to think I'd do that on purpose! I am super careful about where I get my info from now! Lesson learned!
My biggest mistake so far has been jumping on board with a brand partnership (out of sheer excitement that they wanted ME) without demanding more details about compensation up front. What I learned, is that just because you've been asked to work with a recognized brand, doesn't mean that they are prepared to roll out an organized campaign with fair compensation. Disappointing, but, next time I will know which questions to ask!
I guess I'd have to say uh...

calling out some people on their blogging tactics and layout choices. LOL I think it pretty much killed my blog.

It's ok tho, I don't write about much anyway.
If I had it to do over again I would never have started on Blogger. I also would have created a separate email address, just for my blogging identity. Then I could exist on Facebook without having my blog page linked to my personal page. The same goes for Twitter. It's not a matter of remaining anonymous, it's about avoiding confusion. I wish I could pass this along to every would-be blogger.
So far ... thinking that just because my blog was new, I could request more books than I had time to read, because I figured I'd only get a few of the ones I requested! LOL!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries
to think that the number of followers (at least on my personal blog) mattered!! I would much rather have READERS than "public followers"


I wouldn't have taken blogging "breaks". That totally kills readership.
Apologizing for not blogging everyday. Most of my readers are fellow mom/soon-to-be mom bloggers and they understand that there's just not always time to blog. No matter what life goes on and my readers still love me, I hope lol.
Telling my cousin was a HUGE mistake. I was going through a lot of stuff at the time and I hoped this new hobby would take my mind off things. Then I told her of my exciting new blog she was less than supportive.... which really added to all the crap that was going on. I'm glad I stuck with it dispite her support.

NOt getting a domain name straight off. Switching domains to .com made my new name go n/a. It took a few months to get to a 4/10 now I have to grow back to it.


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