Whether we like it or not, there is a learning curve to mom blogging.  No one's perfect and that means sometimes we make mistakes. What is the biggest mistake you've ever made as a blogger?

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Hit a nerve with people?

Jenny said:
ditto on this. xD and it was recent. i think it drove my readers away. oh well.

My biggest mistake I think was not planning out what I really wanted to write about before I got into it. I've spent the last year struggling to post content (mainly hot deals). I've finally comes to terms with the fact that I was struggling because I wasn't happy with what I was posting. I have finally realized while I love my readers, I can't publish only what I think they want to see. I need to be publishing what I'm passionate about and what makes me happy!

debating whether to start advertising on my blog...would like some insight on this as have NO idea...adsense?



Nightowlmama said:

was giving away side bar links for Free!! I now charge and make a bit of spending money. I no longer write free posts to spread the word on this on that MY time is valuable and so is my blog and content.

If they want me to advertise they will have to pay me something or compensate with a product review. Billions of $$$ are being spent on advertisement it's time to stop advertising for free. The more of us who say we charge the more company's will take us seriously and stop trying to get by on another blogger who will not charge

. DOn't work for Free ladies!

I am new to blogging, but im been involved in moms group website that have forums.  I been very positive with other moms and it drove moms away...


I'm fairly new to blogging and so I'm making mistakes regularly.. it seems to be the best way for me to learn  LOL
Did you just switch your content over? Were you able to keep the same blog name? What limitations other than time were there in making the change. I have started on blogger and find that I can't find a layout or format that feels like me. Advice would be appreciated.

Kristen said:
Starting on Blogger. I definitely learned a great deal and Blogger is an awesome publishing tool. So much more can be done with Wordpress though...and my blog (and posts) are more easily found now.
I think the biggest mistake I've made so far is not signing on with the company that wanted to give me free merchandise for giveaways. I was being too cautious.

I like this idea, I think I can bang out a few good posts on days my son is in pre-school. Its a lot harder to concentrate when I've got my 5 week old, my 5 year old and my 11 year old boys all at home.

Nacia (Moms In Boyland)


Serene Vannoy said:

Sara Carlson said:
I found that having blog breaks can be good for a person. However, I have learned from experience that taking breaks can make you loose readers. Now I try to schedule posts, if I know there will be going on a certain day or week or what ever. So if you have a few extra minutes write up a couple posts and save them as drafts or schedule them right away. I like to have a couple drafts (that are full of "unrushed" content) It will be as if you never left.

Yep, this is how I do it. I have ramped up to a daily posting schedule, and the only way I can do that is to write a lot of posts on high-energy days and schedule them for later; I try to always be 2 weeks ahead, so that if I get sick or have to go out of town, I'm covered for long enough to write new stuff.

Consistency....I wish I could have set days that I post and stick to them. I don't thin I can post everyday, but I feel like people will be more likely to visit when they know fresh stuff is there.


Nacia (Moms in Boyland)



Thinking that I knew something about HTML, LOL!
I'd probably have to go with over sharing, especially when I was planning to divorce my husband. We're still separated but working towards reconciliation now. Luckily he didn't see most of what I wrote back then because we weren't talking. It was all true at the time though!! LOL.

For me, the worst mistake I've made had been hopping from one blog to the next, trying to find a way to make eveything work. I've learned that I can work just one blog, and enjoy it. Also, taking a year long break to go into survival mode has not helped. I feel like I am starting all over again. And in a way I am, but that is okay, cause now I can take the time to set things up right.



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