Whether we like it or not, there is a learning curve to mom blogging.  No one's perfect and that means sometimes we make mistakes. What is the biggest mistake you've ever made as a blogger?

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Not backing up my site consistently!!!!  My site was hacked recently & the last back up was in February - it took me weeks to re-do all of March's work & fix my galleries which meant I couldn't write anything new for a few days which caused a dip in my traffic.


Back up your site daily!!! Back up your pictures daily & back up your design changes weekly!! I never imagined I could get hacked....but I did and it can happen to anyone & if you dedicate so much time and effort as I do into your blog then you'll understand how devastating it was to log on one day and find nothing but a laughing joker mooning me!


Back up your work! 

I know writers who have success using blogger as well as other forums but I agree Wordpress gives me complete freedom on a creative level with plug-ins & user friendly apps it's a dream....I started my site using Dreamweaver, building the layouts & designs hand coding and I loved what I had accomplished however when it came time to archive - PHP coding was a mess, when looking for a solution I looked in to blogger but found my own designs couldn't carry over - Wordpress allowed me to upload my own as well as implement some of their own themes & add-ons - I love it and I am alot less focused on coding issues and more focused on content & publishing! 

Michelle Steiner said:

Wordpress gives you better control over the blog. It is easier to bring onto your own web host. I've used them both, and the blog I am bringing back to life, A Home Business in Today's Economy, is on blogger. I wish I had moved it to wordpress before starting, because I have a post I want to stay at the top and blogger doesn't give you a "sticky" option. Blooger is a good tool to learn the basics with, but as you progress, you will find it is limited. It does not allow some coding to work, which can hinder how your blog works, and what you can post where. 


That is just my 2 cents though, others may have different, or be able to explain it better, or not like wordpress at all. 




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LaToya S. said:

I see that a lot of people regret starting their blog on Blogger. Why is this?  I have recently started my blog and I love using Blogger.  I think it is so easy to use.  I'm really curious to hear responses.









I'm new to blogging, and of course I started out on blogger.  Should I have picked wordpress instead?

What's the difference?




Melissa Choate said:

If I had it to do over again I would never have started on Blogger. I also would have created a separate email address, just for my blogging identity. Then I could exist on Facebook without having my blog page linked to my personal page. The same goes for Twitter. It's not a matter of remaining anonymous, it's about avoiding confusion. I wish I could pass this along to every would-be blogger.

I wish I would have started on Wordpress. Not having balance with my writing was my biggest mistake. Too much of one thing or too little of something leaves your blog stagnant. Be diverse within your own niche.


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I haven't tried blogging using Wordpress yet. Although i am very interested with blogging but i haven't got the time to update my blog regularly. I planned to update it regularly as much as possible.

I started on Wordpress and I'm glad I did. I used to use blogger for other blogs I wanted private, but if you want a blog to be known, Wordpress is the way to go.


I don't regret anything as I *try* to remain somewhat anonymous for my child, which is why I don't write down her name in the blog, in case she's older and googles her name and sees a blog about how her butt had a nasty rash ;)

Joining and sharing as much as I can so much so that I do not remember a lot of my sign ons and passwords to each site!
Think the biggest mistake I have made (and apparently still make) is telling it how it is. People don't seem to like the truth, for whatever reason... Oh I know. Denial! But yea. It's killed my readership but I still do it :P

The nature of blogging is to speak in your own voice...the best advice I ever got from another professional blogger was to be as opinionated as possible and find my voice...."not everyone will love it but some will and those fans that find you, will be the ones that stay, the ones who share & support your work and that's why you write"


I never looked back after that....so speak your mind and never stop & the people that come back will come back because they love the sound of your voice....probably because it sounds like their own! 

Jenny said:

Think the biggest mistake I have made (and apparently still make) is telling it how it is. People don't seem to like the truth, for whatever reason... Oh I know. Denial! But yea. It's killed my readership but I still do it :P

When I first started I was all over the place with my posts, no specific focus. I think it helps to have focus and make what you write about matter to you.



My biggest mistake so far was not thoroughly looking into other domains that might be similar to my own. When I finally decided, after sooo much thought, that Rosie Girl Dreams was the title for my blog, I wish I'd thought about the ramifications of the simple word 'girl' in it. I wonder still if that's why my blog was hacked. I know it was random and things can be random in the land of internet, but after the fact I realized that the word 'girl' was/is associated with so much porn on the web. Duh. Girl. So, I deleted it and am now Rosie Dreams and my spam has decreased by a ton, I've gotten better about back-ups and protection systems...and I'm still trying to figure out how to change my address everywhere it was already linked to on the web.
When I first started blogging I didn't think anyone who knew me would read my blog, and I used their real names… Big mistake.




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