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The feature I love most about the blog platform I use is....?

I have used the four main blog platforms in my time as a mom blogger. I've used Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress and Wordpress (self-hosted). I really love the Wordpress widgets. They make sprucing up up your sidebar really easy.

What feature do you love about the blog platform you use?

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I use Typepad because that is what the webmaster that designed my website recommended. It has some great features but I find it not to be user friendly for a "non-techie" type. I am a author, not savvy about the technology that allows me to write!

I will be interested to see what all of you say about the one you use. Blessings.

Stop by and see my blog if you have a sec.

I blog to encourage and inspire moms in the holy occupation of mothering. The writing will inspire you even IF the TYPEPAD aggravates me!!
I have a self-hosted wordpress blog and I love how easy it is to customize the look of the layout. Once I learned the basics, it was really easy to navigate.

As a very non-techie type, and inexperienced to boot, I really love the ease of use I find at Blogger.

Lisa @
All That and a Box of Rocks
I've used Wordpress and Blogger. I mostly like Blogger because I'm already logged in when I'm using Google for other things.
I use self-hosted Wordpress and LOVE IT! It is so easy to use and customize.

Kasey @ All Things Mamma
I use Wordpress and Blogger. I really like the ease of adding personal photos with blogger. I love the stats. On my Wordpress dashboard.
I use Wordpress and I really like how it's organized and all the different sidebar widgets. I'd love to get a self-hosted Wordpress blog in the future.
Blogger is SUPER simple (although I am getting ready to switch LOL)
I love Wordpress for its endless plugins.
I love Wordpress - I love how easy it is to install and customize themes, not to mention all the useful plugins!
Hi everyone...I will have to vote Word Press (self hosted) yes I do agree it is a little bit of "learning" but very do-able and from my perspective very much worth the efforts. Little things like future dating posting, easier for visitors to comment, tons of themes to pick from and if you can't find one on the WP platform Google it FREE Word Press Theme and you will discover a whole new world (could be time consuming, I became obsessed with seeing it all...had to stop that quickly).

If you feel unsure search for free "how to tutorial" they walk you through the whole things. That is how I learned, god knows I am no IT specialist.
Yes, very true about the self-hosted. I started off with the free version of Wordpress and wasn't nearly as happy as I am with the self hosted.


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