I was wondering what was the most thoughtful thing someone did for you after you gave birth?

Mine was from a neighbor who I had never met. She brought over ready to be baked lasagna that she put together, a bag of salad and garlic bread. She also brought a little gift bag for the baby. I thought it was the kindest thing ever. I guess due to the fact she's a lactation consultant and is around new mothers every day she knew what I really needed!

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My mom came over with bags of groceries, then cooked all day and filled my freezer with meals that we could pull out after she'd left.

The other thing was less practical, but no less husband's brother and his wife came over and asked us all about our birth story, asking questions and letting us retell every detail. Giving birth was just such an amazing experience, and we loved getting to share it with others who truly cared. I've made it a point to ask other new moms about their births, if they want to share- they always do!!
My second child had a horrible case of colic, I was barely able to cope when a lady from work called and offered to stop by with lunch and a movie.

It was the first interaction I had, had with another grown up for weeks and it was just what I needed.

She brought a salad from our grocery salad bar, a rotisserie chicken, and some grapes. The first "real meal' I had eaten in awhile to. She's Korean and taught me something her mother had shown her - if you close your fist and gently pound on your baby's back it will help to release gas and pressure. It worked like a charm!

It was the first time I had heard my daughter that quiet in ages, we were all in peace for a little while at least and I made a truly dear friend that day

Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful story - sometimes it helps to just think about nice things people have done for you

That's such a great story. Thanks for sharing and I totally agree.. it's good to think about the nice things once in a while.
A couple of friends drove over an hour just to visit and watched my son so I could take a shower. It was a blessing to see them and get a few minutes to myself, too.
I'm still in the days where I sometimes struggle to even have time for a shower so I can completely relate to this :)
My in-laws cleaned the house before we got home from the hospital. My water broke at 1 am, and I labored at home for 14 hours. It was a bit messy to say the least. They did everything - laundry, dishes, grocery shopping. They even replaced light bulbs that had been burned out since we moved in over a year before!
You're lucky! My in-laws came over from Europe when my son was 3 months, stayed for 1 month (at a hotel thank goodness) but never once helped clean up the many messes everyone made AND I had to make dinner all the time. However, they did buy us a new car before they left (the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me period).. but sometimes those little things, like cleaning the house up are what make your day.

Thanks for sharing :)
Cook for me . . . definitely!
It was a tad creepy since I don't know my neighbors well but still a nice gesture. A few weeks after I gave birth to my daughter I found a box on my front porch. It was full of baby hangers. The funny thing was I had just purchased about 50 of them a few days before. When I finally ran into her a few days later she offered to watch the kids anytime we wanted to go out. I would never take her up on the offer, but it was sincere and sweet, so that made my day.
I have a few...

My mom came down for the week after, and did everything... cooking, cleaning, eveything so I could just bond with my child. It was MUCH appriaciated because I was struggling with breastfeeding, and PPD.

My church family sent meals every other day, an gave me a gift basket with a one-hour full body massage gift card in it! That was the nicest, most needed thing!
Friends from church brough over easy meals for us, and my parents helped out a lot at first, too.
My parents came over with bags of groceries!

I was never so happy to see groceries in my life : )




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