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The one topic I will not touch on my mom blog is _________.

There are a lot of topics that we don't want to blog about because they're either too personal or too controversial, or both. What is the one topic that you will not touch -- ever -- on your mom blog?

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I'm not confortable discussing sex. My family reads my blog, so that includes my mom, dad, MIL, and even my GRANDMA! Sex is the one topic I won't touch.

I also don't really have a need to discuss politics. It just hasn't come up, and I prefer not to start flame wars.

Agree with Karen, I will not blog about sex. Maybe before I had a kid, but definitely not now... I also just had to turn down advertising from Eden Fantasies b/c I just won't promote things that are not family friendly on
sex. Will not go there unless I was completely anonymous. No one needs to know that much about me.
I wouldn't post about sex, actually - I wouldn't post about anything that I wouldn't let my children read. My oldest is 14 and often reads my blog.
I think this would be the only thing, that no matter what, wouldn't be on my blog.
It would really depend on the subject. I don't mind talk about politics, sex, religion, or even marijuana. But if I come across something that's very depressing or I know will make my readers uneasy, I try and respect them enough not to dive into something that will upset their day.
Hey guys,
I'm seeing alot about not posting about sex..... You know it's ok.... Like you guys do have a sex life (PLEASE EXCUSE ME FOR ASKING, rhetorical question really, but most of you have kids, so I will assume. LOL) But, I do understand about not posting about your sex life, but in all honesty, something special can be shared from talking openly about sex. It doesn't HAVE to be a bad or forbidden subject.

Befor I became interested in cooking I was looking into going to school to become a Sexologist (someone who studies the nature of human mating, and often provides therapy to couples in need). It's really a wonderful release to know that the it word is no longer a stress holding you back in your life. Sex is a natural, biological, wonderful thing. SO MANY good things come from sex. Did you know your skin and nails grow at least 30% more and healthier when you have a good sex life. (Who ever knew that sex really WAS good for you....)

Please don't be mad for me saying this, it's just an opinion. Nothing against anyone else. :D *Good Karma dance*
Hmmm, sex for sure. I wouldn't talk politics either, people never change their mind anyways. I always share ym religious beliefs, how will I reach people if I don't?

sex, religion, politics.
i can't really think of anything that I would not ever absolutely say I'd never post about. My philosophy with my blog has always been that if I want to post it I will and not hold back. My goal hasn't been to make people like me or dislike me but rather have a look into reality that comes with my family. It is just me. But I do tend to stay off of the topic of politics for the most part. Now I won't go into specifics about sex or my sex life but if I make a comment here and there then I do. I've come to the conclusion either people are going to read or not but either way it's my blog and I will do with it as I see fit.
I wouldn't dare to go politics or anything controversial. Im not a good debator. I can tell you what I know, how I feel, what I think but I won't go too deep. I stick to what I believe . I don't go too far off!


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