The Simple Things for USA Cares from Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce

When this came across my radar I felt more than obliged to share it and I hope everyone who reads this will tell others about it.  The men, women and families of our armed forces often suffer financial loss in the name of their sacrifices to all of us.  These are the same people who are on the ground in Japan bringing search/rescue relief to strangers, trying to stabilize Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, etc.  Long deployments and physical compromise can derail their financial security.  Some face loss of homes, inability to pay bills...even afford groceries.  USA Cares deals directly with their problems and gives them the hand up they need to get back on track quickly.  : or:


Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce has created a campaign for them.  It's cool and simple.  In fact, they call it The Simple Things.  People donate $5.00 (secured, PayPal, no issues) and it takes them into a letter writing page.  From there, people are asked to write something...perhaps a remembrance of someone (or more than one), or something that touched their lives for the better (something big, or a "simple thing".  It could be about a parent, family member, friend, neighbor, stranger.  It can be funny, poignant, inspirational.  The best letter writers chosen (the contest portion ends on May 5, 2011) will each receive $500 gift cards redeemable with all retailers who carry Somebody's Mother's (including online retailers).


The idea that we can do something for others who do so much for us and be given a chance to honor someone who touched our lives is reason enough.  The idea that people could potentially enjoy a generous gift card for their effort is an extra layer of icing.  Cheers.   

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