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It's funny: We can easily pinpoint everything about our blogs that we would like to improve, but it takes a little effort to discover that one thing about our mom blog that we absolutely love.

What is the one thing that you love the most about your blog?

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that it's absolutely honest. Sometimes it's ugly, hopeful, angry, happy, informative, introspective, goofy -- it's a place to be all the things that I am without having to edit myself.
I love how far my blog has come and how much I have achieved. Blogging makes me happy and that's what it's all about. If it didn't make me happy I would blog. It's something just for ME!
i love that i have self hosted domain! i love the way it has grown and i absolutely love how its theme looks!

Most importantly i am able to include varied areas of interests with out messing up the has poetry, photos, mom stuff, and my exploring culture interest..

i was told by older bloggers to have 2 or 3 blogs and be more focussed for better ranking..i am glad that i did not do that!!
It's my space! I can do whatever I want here. Being a mom of four teens and a grandma of one can be tough; the house can feel very crowded at times. My blog allows me to go to this space that's completely all my own.

I also love that it has allowed me to get in touch with my writing self once again; and I have been able to make new friends and rediscovered old ones :)

Check out my my ME space at
The one thing I love about my blog(s):

I have a brand new design at Cloud 9 Ranch, which really represents the life we live here, and why I enjoy it so much. From where we came from in just a few short years, to what we have now and continue to do.

I've also just started a blog that incorporates my businesses under one roof. It's an easy design on the eyes, easy to find your way around, and best of all, it is already set up for SEO and getting the exposure I desire and need! Diamond M Essentials my newest venture, and I'm looking forward to growing it.

(clicking the blog names will take you to them!)
After being a SAHM for 3 1/2 years my brain was turning to mush! My blog has really pulled me out of a rut that I was in. I have a renewed joy in life!

It gives me a place I can let it all out,my emotions,thoughts,needs and wants.There is no one saying I'm tired can we talk about this tommorow.Or I really don't like talking about wedding stuff babe,so I love that I can talk about anything on my blog.
it's an extension of my son's baby book - with some personality! I love that he'll be able to go back and read it some day and that we're capturing all the silly little moments.
The people that I've met! I also love how it's grown over the past year. I get so encouraged when I go to the stats for a year ago and see how they've changed.
That I FINALLY have two places where I can really, truly express myself... warts and all. That is freedom, ladies, at least it is for me. I live in a country where I do not speak the language fluently, and so I spend my whole, entire life stammering and groping for words and running the gauntlet of cultural norms that I am constantly messing up. In my blog, I am speaking MY language - and I don't just mean English. You know?


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