The age old blogging question. Do you add a picture of yourself to your blog or do you
keep your identity a mystery? I am torn. I share enough about myself and my family on my
blog yet haven't posted a "Here I am, look at me photo" of myself.

Share your two cents with me on this matter.

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I haven't shown a picture of myself or my family on my blog. I don't know how long that'll last, though. I don't know how long I will keep my own identity private, but I will make sure to keep my son and my husband's private.
I plan on putting a pic of me on my blog, but just haven't yet (I'd have to actually wash my hair and put on make-up in order to take a pic). I like it when I go onto a momma blog and there is a pic of the mom. Makes me feel like I know her. :)
I have put my picture on my blog since day one. I find that when people come to visit your site, they want to get to know the person behind the site. They want to "feel" as if they know you. I like to put a visual with the words on a blog. It always keeps me coming back to a blog because it makes it feel more "real" to me.
I don't mind posting pictures of me or my kids. With that being said I'm cautious not to share much about where we live and my kids' names. But I think it's definitely important in establishing a connection with your readers. It makes it more personal. :)
As you know... my true identity is a secret. I'm completely honest about all the content on my blog. I just haven't included my real name or my pic. I'm trying not to blur the lines between my "work life" and my "real life" and since I work as a writer in my "work life" I have to be cautious, at least for now. When I make the transition back to the freelance world I'll be revealing my true identity.

For most bloggers I think this is a personal question that they have to answer for themselves. What is to be gained and what is to be lost if I 100% open myself (and my family) up by sharing my true identity and pics in my blog.

Personally, I really enjoy the blogs that have real pics of the bloggers and their families. For me that makes the blog all the more interesting.

I've been pretty out there with my picture from day one along with those of my kids. I don't link to things more local than my state though. You just have to do what you feel comfortable with.
I totally post photos. My blog started off to keep family and friends updated with little family and it just kind of went from there. I don't however share our names. Especially my son's. And I dont include where I live. I keep it very vague. Never list exacty locations I go unless its a big place, like disneyland or something. Thats just me....
I have a funny one as my header, but not much identifying info. I likely won't put many photos up. I would worry myself to sleep at night if there was too much info!
I have no problem putting up pictures of myself and family, I think it's important for readers to have a connect to you and how can they do that if they don't even know what you look like. My issue is whether or not to use my daughter's real name or not.
I have just started a blog and I am thinking about this to.
I am curious about motivations of (not) putting your photo up from other bloggers!

I haven't even told my family and friends about my blogging so I am also wondering about putting pictures up where they appear in....
I personally do not read blogs that don't have good pictures. As you can tell I am not the intellectual reader :) I am also very cautious about my children and never give out their names or location. I want people to connect to my family and I. Personal choice I guess!
I have one of me. I also have my avatar for everywhere else that's not me, since I'm less 1950s technicolor :P

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