The age old blogging question. Do you add a picture of yourself to your blog or do you
keep your identity a mystery? I am torn. I share enough about myself and my family on my
blog yet haven't posted a "Here I am, look at me photo" of myself.

Share your two cents with me on this matter.


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I have a picture of us and I use my own name but not my kids names. To me a picture makes the blog more personal; in general, people are always drawn to other people. If you don't want it on your home page, then perhaps just stick it in your "about me" page!
I have a picture of my family and me on my blog.
My profile picture is a photo shopped picture. I put pictures of the animals and the pictures of my daughter are like years old. I know I do wonder about the stories you hear with pictures being used from your profile on networking sites and blogs for other things. Like the woman that found her child on Graig's list as a child up for adoption! So yea I kinda hide my identity
For a while I didn't show my face, but I read somewhere that readers have a hard time connecting to a blog without "seeing" the face behind the words. So, I put incorporated my face into my blog logo. Did it help my readers? I don't know. I have a comfortable following for someone who does not do giveaways or connect to Friday follows, and I sometimes get more comments than someone with twice the following. (But I have also seen unheard of comment numbers on those blogs without a face, although not quite as much.) In the end, you need to do what you feel comfortable with, and if you don't want to put your picture in your blog, then don't. Your loyal followers won't mind at all!


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