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My 1 year old has thrown several tantrums this past week and I thought that only happened when they hit the terrible 2's!! I took her to the store today (Target, my second home) and she didn't stop trying to stand up in the shopping cart, pull everything off the shelves, and yell at the top of her lungs and get the attention of everyone in the store. I finally figured I'd let her run around a little bit in the lobby area of the mall we were in. Well, I couldn't believe it when she threw herself to the floor everytime I tried to stop her from running to the escalators. This went on for a good 25 minutes when I just decided the best thing was to go home. I put her right in her crib for her nap and I laid on my bed wondering if this is it. Where was the angel that I took everywhere with me? I know this is my mother's fault! She use to tell me that she hopes one day I'd have a daughter like me! Did her wish come true? If so, OH NO!!!

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I had a similar experience and now never go shopping without some sultanas or other little snack that she can sit in the trolley and eat whilst I shop (sultanas are good as they take a while to eat). I'll also take a couple of board books or ask her to hold things.

You did the right thing by taking her home when she didn't listen to you, now she knows you will follow through on what you say.

Good luck
Well, I know not to go to the store without her goldfish crackers. lol I also let her hold on to some toy like a ball or stuffed animal around the store and when she's not looking I hide it by the register so I don't have to buy it. She hasn't made a scene yet when she can't find it but I do have a good tip from a mom of a 3 year old.
If you take you child to a store and they want a toy. Let them hold onto it and when you get to the register, tell the clerk to put it on the list for Santa Claus. Her kids really fall for it.
Nope, not too early! All three of mine started tantrums around 1. My youngest is now 20 months. He can throw some doozies! It does seem like Target is the place to throw them too, I can remember having to leave with a screaming child more than once.

Isn't it funny now, as a parent, how your attitude changes? When I was younger, and NOT a mom, I used to wonder what on earth that was all about. Why couldn't those people control their screaming child in public. Now I know! When I see a child throwing a fit I think "Oh man, I feel your pain!"

That's funny you say that because that's exactly what i was saying to myself when I went back to Target a few days later and there was a kid throwing himself down on the floor screaming. The mom look a little embarrassed and obviously upset. I went over to her and said "Don't worry, I know how you feel." I just then realized that I really did know how she felt and I know I must looked at those parents before I became one and said to myself "How can you let your child act like that In public?" It really is funny how you look at things differently. :-)
Ah -- the ornery ones! The twos are just a myth. The little boy I take care of has been acting similarly the last two months since turning one. Now they have a mind and will of their own and get very upset whenever their plans are altered. During this stage, going home (and sometimes staying home) is the only option. Unfortunately, they do need to know that you won't be giving in to their every whim and it can get uncomfortable. It's all part of the learning process, but this too shall pass in a few months and you'll be better able to predict what will set her off and how to sidestep it without giving in to the tantrum.

Good luck!

Hmm... I think people of all ages can have tantrums. 1 year old is not too early for that stage. And at 2 years old they tend to specialize in this condition. But hey, teenagers are pretty good at it as well. And, unfortunately, there are plenty of adults who still have tantrums when things don't go their way! :)
Little kids just have tantrums when they are frustrated. Toddlers often lack the language skills that enable them to get what they want. They get upset and that upset results to a full blown tantrum…

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I think maybe I was the one having the tantrum now that you said that. I haven't really had a problem with her since I first posted this. I do, however, make sure I have snacks and a toy for her to distract her. I think she was having a bad day and I got frustrated. Can't wait for the terrible twos! :-)
I don't think my girls ever had tantrums at that age (thank goodness) but I always made sure I brought along lots of things to distract them just in case. Hope it passes soon!
Fortunatley, haven't had a problem since I posted this discussion. Maybe she was having a bad day and I got fustrated. I do bring snacks and a toy for her now. Maybe that did the trick!


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