Okay, I wanted to make this easier.  I went back three pages and included everybody who had posted since then.

Here is the link:

Moms on Twitter

You can follow everybody just using that one link.  Come back every once in a while to catch up with the new people.  If you are not listed then leave your twitter link and I will add you to the list.

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I couldn't open that link, hmmm. When it's working, I'd love it if you added me to the list.





Just getting started here www.twitter.com/babysmartees

Hi heres mine http://twitter.com/Venicetamasi

Hope you'll follow me guys..


Boo links not working :(


I just joined recently, but mine is http://www.twitter.com/Syrana


Thanks! <3


Looking for some new followers - thanks!!


Handmade greeting cards, paper crafts, scarpbooking and tile art.  I blog about my creations, giveaways and upcoming events.  tons of photos.  I invite you to follow me on twitter and/or my blog


My Blog: http://www.madebyjacqueline.blogspot.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ madebyjacquelin

yeah... tweepml is changing their site so I can't get in. Hopefully the old information will still be there (I think twitter changed their terms so tweepml had to change too). I'll keep an eye on it though and keep you posted. The site says it will be fixed soon.
I tried to follow the link but it appears to be broken, can you add me on Twitter. My name is @HeatherRig. Thanks!

Great idea! I am brand new to twitter...



Can I be added please?  Looking for more Twitter followers



I can not get the above link http://tweepml.org/Moms-on-Twitter/  to open???


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