Okay, I wanted to make this easier.  I went back three pages and included everybody who had posted since then.

Here is the link:

Moms on Twitter

You can follow everybody just using that one link.  Come back every once in a while to catch up with the new people.  If you are not listed then leave your twitter link and I will add you to the list.

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Wow, Heidi. That was great. Now only to get all of them to follow me! LOL. If you do it again, could you post my twitter http://twitter.com/marinagraphy.

Thanks! Marina @ http://marinagraphy.com
Here's mine..


Great Idea! Hope I can still participate!
My twitter:
Thanks for following! I follow back!
Hi Heidi,

Can you please add me - http://twitter.com/littlebitofaith

Thank you - I've added everyone that was on the list.
I have followed everyone! Can you add me?


Thank you!
Mine is www.twitter.com/KristieWooten. SO looking forward to following everyone:)

I have a personal twitter:


Twitter for Women Ministry:


I like the idea of having the list.
Please add my new blog's Twitter account!
Here's mine: Authorswrite

Follow me and I'll follow you.
Ok mine is http://www.twitter.com/msoakland

Now to follow everyone else


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