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Travel Safely in Style

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Vault Denim: Designer Denim Jeans without the designer price!!! Start your own Vault Denim business today!

I have an amazing business with Vault Denim I started in September of a Vault Denim Fashion Consultant (VFC) and was so excited to be offering designer jeans at great prices. But then something amazing happened over the last year and a half.  I grew this business and can now say that I have replaced a full-time income.  You can do this too.....ASK ME HOW???  We have an amazing nationwide team and I was just appointed a director within the company.  Things keep getting better everyday....I am so glad I didn't miss out on this opportunity. I would love to share my story and support you on your own Vault Denim journey.  We have a nationwide team that would love to have you join us....Team Platinum.  

What's Vault Denim? Well, if you love designer jeans but not designer jean prices a Vault Denim trunk show is where you need to be.
Vault Denim is the newest thing to hit the direct sales market. We offer trunk shows in the home base setting where a hostess gets together with her closest friends and family for a girls night out style event.  Guests can try on a assortment of over 120 pairs of designer jeans.  When they find a pair they love they can buy them at the event to take with them.  No ordering, no waiting, just instant gratification.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to start with this amazing company. Just ask me how!!!

Vault Denim sells authentic designer jeans! No Knock Offs or Seconds! Many of the same designer brands you see the celebrities wearing. 

Prices are 25%- 60% off retail. $48 - $92 . We have women's 0-15 or 23-32, plus sizes 16-24, and premium plus sizes.
Hostess can earn free jeans! Yes, FREE jeans!!!

These at home parties are so easy!!! There will be 120-150 pairs of
premium designer jeans for your guest to try on...they are all cash (check or charge) and
carry. It's a great atmosphere for honest opinions and no sales

Want to become a Vault Denim Distributor? Cost is just $159 enrollment fee
with no monthly fee or purchase required and the jeans are supplied
by Vault Denim
! This is your opportunity to bring something new to your area. Looking to earn some extra income, and work in a fun and flexible environment? If you don't want to sell jewelry, skincare, or romance products because you know so many reps selling these items. Try something different try Vault Denim.

If their is an inventory near you you can start TODAY!!! If not, you have an awesome opportunity this company is expanding everyday and has not reached many states.  You can still sign up and start building a team. There only needs to be is 8 consultants signed up in an area to receive a Vault Denim inventory for hosting trunk shows.

Email or call me and I can see if there is anything I can do to help you get started in your area or open a new area.

If you might be interested in something like this please email or call me at:::::

Beta Jones -Independent Fashion Consultant/Regional Coordinator 

765-513-0642 (If no answer please leave me a message and I will get right back with you)

Be the first in your area to start up a's amazing how
successful you can be when you start on the ground floor the
possibilities are endless.


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For anyone that has been able to read this post about Vault Denim. Let me just tell you I am still going strong with Vault Denim.  I am growing an amazing nationwide team of Vault Fashion Consultants and we just keep growing.  I am loving Vault Denim and the amazing leadership that this company has.  If you have thought about it in the past don't let this opportunity pass you by.  Email me or call me. I would love to help you along your Vault Denim journey.


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