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I'm mostly a SAHM, but am trying to become a WAHM.  I do have 2 shops: Nomie.Eco.Ware and Nomie's 3 Monsters.  I would really like to have a business from one or both.  I'm kind of struggling with a daily routine: kids, the shops, housework, etc...

What are your schedules for WAH?  When do you focus on your business?  When do you do housework?

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I'm a SAHM with my 20-month old son.

Here is my schedule:
I get up with him... breakfast, get ready for our day... I'll often load the dishwasher or run the vacuum at this time, too.
We run errands or do anything that needs doing.
We get home, have lunch, and then start looking towards naptime (around 2:00)
At 2:00ish, he goes down for his nap... the clock is ticking... I have 2 hours.
I spend the first 30 minutes cleaning up around the house, tossing in a load of laundry, mopping, etc.
The next hour and 30 min or so... I get online, and do what needs to be done there (moderate comments, respond to e-mails, etc).
If there is any time left, I get to crafting (I have a craft blog)
He wakes up at 4:00. Usually my husband is home by then (he goes in at 4am). He watches the little one for about an hour while I finish up what I can.
About 5:00ish I head downstairs and get dinner started.
I usually spend the next several hours with my boys until 9:00 when the little one goes to bed, though I might be able to sneak away for 30min-an hour in there somewhere.
At 9:00 the toddler goes to bed. My husband does too, if he hasn't already.
I get from 9:00 until midnight (or 2am as is the case tonight) to do some more catching up, folding laundry, writing posts, checking forums, reading up on becoming better at all of this.
Then I go to bed... and I start it all up again tomorrow! : )

About one day a week, my husband takes the little one all morning, and it gives me a chance to catch up some more. : )

Thank you so much, Ladies! This helps a lot! :o)

Amanda @ Mom Business School said:
Hi Nomie!

It is a challenge, that is for sure. I am a WAHM and actually support our entire family with it. Here is our schedule:

6-7 I wake up, check emails and get ready for the day.

7-8am daughter wakes up, breakfast, dress

8:30-9:30 I teach a Stroller Strides fitness class with my 2 year old (I own a local franchise).

9:30-11:00am Daughter gets playground time and I chat with other moms

11:00-12 Home for lunch and daughter gets some quick movie time before her nap. i use this time to complete a quick task, like updating my work related twitter, facebook, etc. or I will start brainstorming some ideas. something where i dont need 100% concentration and can still keep on eye my daughter

12:30-2pm is nap time and this is when I kick into high gear and complete 1-2 major tasks on my list.

2:30 snack time and she bounces around with her toys while i finish up my task.

3:00 we do about an hour of homeschool preschool

4:00pm we usually go for a walk or get outside in the backyard. if i have errands we will run them.

7pm bath

8pm bed for her.

8:30-10:30 back to work usually 3-4 nights per week, otherwise hubby time. sometimes a little work and a little hubby time.

i hope that helps. but i think figuring out how to concentrate your most productivity into the small amount of time we have when the kids are asleep is the best skill you can master. the trick is to know exactly what works for you and what is a waste of time. my weakness has always been checking my email whenever i sat down at the computer. But it was such a distraction and could easily eat up 30 or more minutes if i let it. so i had to stop that.

I hope that helps - Amanda at


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