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ok, so, I've been a prof. blogger going on 3 years now. I've learned a TON, almost all has been by trial and error, falling into things, research research research, and such.  My blog has grown immensely, especially since moving from Blogger to WP.  And now, in the natural procession of things, I'm beginning to get more and more opportunities LOCAL to the my area, one namely this summer, to work with a local large car dealership. I'll be driving their cars for them, advertising, and I know that with that, my part will also be to help advertise and get their ads and 'message' out there to the local area.  Well, it doesn't help advertise for them if most of my readers are worldwide, with not as many local readers as I thought I had (which a local-only giveaway recently that only got 1 entrant helped me realize).  

Does anyone have any ideas to help drive more local readers to my site? 

This is some of what I've done, locally:

business cards - I'm a frugal living blogger, so I have 2 different types of business cards (professional and advertorial), so I stick them on pin boards, lay them around businesses, pass them out to people I talk to, share them, etc. 

I'm a brand ambassador for several products and whenever they have me pass out pkgs with their info, products, etc., I always toss in one of my business cards.

word of mouth - I have friends passing out cards, I've got a lot of local friends on Facebook and they share my tweets and facebook posts and such

attend local conferences, seminars, etc - this weekend will be my 4th local area conference/seminar type thing for bloggers, where I can interact with more local bloggers, brands, and such

local PRs & events - I've been attending each and every local advanced screening as I get invited to, finally meeting face-to-face a couple of the PRs and talking with them. They're starting to share my name and contact info with each other, and beginning to know me by sight when they go to scratch my name off the list as 'in attendance.'

what I've NOT done - I've NOT taken out ads in our newspapers, local mags, and such.  I've not 'sponsored' a spot in any advertising fliers, or kid looking for a sponsor for something, and such.  I'm JUST getting to know some local bloggers, so I've not partnered with them for anything that would be considered 'local.'  

ONE idea I'll be implementing - I plan to begin volunteering at a local food bank/life 'help' center, which I won't be doing for the purpose of advertising, but one more person talked to to know about my site, is one more added to the list that knows about it.

I also think I've decided to return to work, somehow.  Dependent upon where and what I'll be doing, I can at least share my site with coworkers 

ok....GO, lol. What all am I doing wrong? what should I expand upon? any ideas out there?  I'm not, by any means, a person that could get a job at an advertising agency, lol so I truly don't know what steps to take, do, etc.  

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Have you tried a window sticker on your car? I read a ton around town and end up going to the site just to see what it is. Also, maybe make some flyers to put up at supermarkets (and other stores with bulletin boards) with rip-off tabs with your web address on them. I don't know if people read them where you live, but here they do.

Also remember, just like in the beginning when you started out (where I am now) it takes time. Time sucks, but wait it out and it will happen. Just don't give up!


I was a Macaroni Kid mom and when I realized that I could do the same things with my blog, I started a separate mail chimp email for just my local events and gave my local information its' own section on my blog. That way I can reach out to my local readers separate from my blog feed/email. It has been working out pretty good, slow, but good. Good Luck!

Since you are a frugal blogger I would suggest trying maybe doing a "tips" class for Mom's groups, MOPS, Libraries, churches etc. 

Hope those are some helpful ideas. 

Thanks, ladies, those are some great ideas.  I already leave my cards that I use for advertising on the bulletin boards, usually 8-10 at a time. I have tinted windows, so unless I pay for a window decal, the window clings aren't gonna be able to be seen...not so sure I want to invest in that quite yet.  I don't know how to make a sep. section for local (I mean, I could do a sep. page/tab, of course), and then make it into a sep. newsletter?? interesting...that's an idea.  We already have several ladies within the 20 mile vicinity that does 'classes' around town...not saying that I can't do it too, just that frugal blogger is a 'stuffed niche' with loads of people doing gets redundant after awhile, lol  I'm slowly getting there, slowly but surely...I should say VERRRRRRYYYYYyyyyyy slooooooooooooowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol 

Thanks again :)

Have you tried Merchant Circle? or Facebook Ads?  

You can set up Facebook Ads to be demographic specific.  

Lisa -

I've actually been thinking about the Facebook ads thing.  That actually may bring some good traffic in, except now Facebook requires us to manually post our posts.  Which is fine, but for those days that life is too chaotic, Networked Blogs doing it for me was a huge help, and my fans actually didn't mind that they were computer generated

Use this  You sign in with your Twitter account and then you search for people in your area. When they see your blog posts tweeted out then they may likely follow if you are their follower it will help connect you to a local market and you should do this anyway if you plan on helping local advertisers :)

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I would google your city + bloggers and see what you can find. I have greatly grown my local audience by networking with other local bloggers. Reach out to local media as well! Send out a press release when you are doing something local on your blog. You never know what kind of response you will get!


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