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Are you staying home or traveling? Are you cooking the entire feast or just bringing a few dishes? Will you be watching the big game or hiding from your mother-in-law?

And, most importantly, will you be blogging about it?

I started my blog, This Mama Cooks! to document my Thanksgiving meal plans four years ago...and I'm still blogging away! This year I'll be making the entire feast at my home. You can read about my past and present Thanksgiving recipes at my blog, too.

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I will be feeding my family of 4 (me, my 7 yr old son, my hubby and my mom). Then we will be off to my hubby's grandfather's house for pie.

I pretty much make everything myself even though my son is helping a bit this time around. I made the cranberry sauce last night. I am brining the turkey and prepping the onions and celery for the stuffing tonight. Tomorrow my son and I will be making the rolls and the pumpkin pie. Yes, I did say we are going to the grandpa's home for pie but we still need some here! LOL! Also I am making acorn squash, green beans -not casserole- just fresh green beans, mashed potatoes and stuffing.

The problem is, and this happens year after year. I am on my feet all day so by the time diner is served I am either sick of looking at it or I have nibbled so much throughout the day that I am not hungry. lol!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Usually I'm so pooped from cooking all day, that I have to go lie down before dessert.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!


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