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We are going to start threads for TV shows so we can all discuss during or the day after. What are you favorite dramas on right now?

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Criminal Minds, and Quantico

We keep hearing about Quantico! We think we will binge on the episodes during the holiday!

I love How to Get Away with Murder but it's on hiatus until January.

Oh, we love it, too! We hate that it will be some time before it's back on. We can't wait. 

I'm still a Grey's Anatomy fan!

I am still religiously a Greys fan, but honestly without Derrick I do not know, they are going to have to turn it up to keep me. I watch the last season, because over the summer my three daughters used Netflix to watch all 10 season I believe, because they swear they want to be surgeons, now one wants to be Yang, one wants to Bailey. 

We haven't watched Grey's in so long. We might have to binge on years of episodes :) 

I am not a TV fan, In fact if I get time I like to catch up on my fav movies. The last series that I religiously followed was 24 and after a long gap now .. I am stuck to Quantico.

I love movies as well, but honestly do not always get out to see them, I work hard all day everyday and i love to end my days to a good show that I record on DVR . 

Yes...Quantico. We haven't seen it, but we keep hearing amazing reviews about it! 

Oh you have to watch Quantico, it is one of the best shows on tv ever. Criminal Minds my son got me to watch that and oh I am so happy he did and I also love Elementary.

Vampire Diaries. I am OBSESSED with that show.


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