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What do you do if you hold a sponsor giveaway and NO ONE enters?

I was approached by a company and I did a review and I'm holding a giveaway but no one is entering. I've listed it here, on Prizey and a few giveaway blogs. I'm going to list it a few other places but what if no one enters. Or only one or two. Luckily I just tried out their site for a month, they didn't send me an item for review so it's not like they wasted their money on my blog but still.


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I would try listing it on some other sites giveaway linkys. I list my giveaways on these sites every week
Okay so I finally have some entries. I posted on a few other website, not sure if that's what made the difference or I just wasn't patient enough.

Still as a blog that doesn't have TONS of readers, I worry about this all the time.
I would not say they wasted their money on your blog, after all you put time and effort into trying their service and then into your review. Sometimes a product is just not a good match with your blog and it's readership. and twitter work the best for me!
Sometimes it's just not a product many people are interested in. I don't have young children at home, so I don't enter for baby stuff. And you all know there's a TON of baby stuff being given away on a daily basis. Even though I have friends or family members that I could give the baby stuff to if I win it, why should I waste my time and prevent some more needy or deserving entrant from winning?

Don't get discouraged... just do what you can to get your listing out there and the rest is really out of your hands. I honestly don't think sponsors pay much attention to how many people enter. They just want to see your review and match that with your stats and that's pretty much the whole story for them. If you have 1,000 unique visitors per month but only 100 enter that giveaway, the 100 is irrelevant to the sponsor, they are going to only be interested in the 1,000. Even though I don't enter baby item giveaways, I still visit blogs and I still read the reviews sometimes. It's all about blog traffic.

Or am I totally offbase here?? I'm still a newbie to all this myself. :)
No, I understand. They may not care if 10 or 100 or 1000 enter the giveaway but I'm sure they would care of 0 entered. Luckily I have entries now but I was scared for a while there.
Don't forget to tweet it, too.
Here's a site I go back to often, to find sites to promote my giveaways.

Also if you'll email me littleheathen9109 at yahoo dot com with a link to your giveaway post i'll blog about your giveaway if you'd like. my blog isn't huge at all but I have around 250 followers, most of which are giveaway addicts so I'll do what I can to help ya :)
I'm just now doing my first giveaway too that I'm sponsoring myself, but have a couple of sponsors sending me their products to review. I was wondering the same thing, since I JUST got my first entry on the current giveaway after almost 2 weeks. LOL I was thinking I would just extend the giveaway date and keep plugging away.


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