What attracts you to a blog?  Is it the design, the content?  If it is the design, do you like business or something more plain?  If it is the content, what kind of content are you looking for?  True stories, well-written pieces, everyday stuff, quick informative posts, or something else?

I personally like a less busy page with real stories but not too long.  I am probably a minority here but I am not crazy about a lot of pictures in the posts.

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I am not a big picture person either. I like content that I can relate to. I don't like long posts. As for design I do not like small font or white font on a dark background. I like it clean and sleek.
I guess we like the same stuff. No wonder I like your blog! Hey, I put a link on my blog to your blog! Love it!
Thanks girly! I am off to check your blog out now!
I don't mind pictures... I don't like ads or giveaways. I like blogs that I can relate to on some level. I read "personal" blogs: not having to do with work or advertisements. I like simple, easy-to-read blogs that have shorter posts and are updated somewhat consistently.
I really like a wide variety of different types of blogs. I like giveaway blogs because I like to enter contests but I don't "read" those. I like personal blogs with photos and posts about real life vs a bunch of memes that don't give me an idea of who the person is. I like business blogs that give me ideas about how to make money. Best of all are blogs that do all of these things :)
i like simple blogs. clean, streamline. pictures are nice... but ads tend to deter me. and i prefer shorter posts.
I prefer personal blogs covering topics I can relate to. I'm typically not interested in ads or giveaways. I prefer shorter posts although I have a really difficult time keeping them short myself! Ha, ha! I do like pictures though. Especially really funny or artistic shots.
It really depends on the mood I'm in. I don't like a blog that is disorganized, or makes no sense. I guess that is why I have two blogs, one for promoting my business, and one for our ranch life. Sure, I mix the two, but only when it is appropriate.

I started the Ranch blog, as a way to keep a journal. And because I am not much of a write, it does not get posted to as much as my business blog, but it is about my life, and I can share with you what I feel will help others to get to know me.

My business blog is just that. I use it to promote my gift shop, my direct sales company, and to help my friends with their businesses.

You can check out either one, the links are below:
Cloud 9 Ranch
Diamond M Essentials

Thanks for letting me share!
I like blogs in general. :-) Spelling and grammar are a big deal to me. Hey, we all make mistakes occasionally... but, I click off blogs that sound worse than my 4th grader. :-)
i like blogs about topics that i'm interested in.... mom stuff, parenting, crafting, organizing time/life, a little bit of everything.

this is great topic b/c i've been thinking about this lately too. I do some giveaways, not a lot of reviews and try to do a wide variety of family stuff, mom stuff, working stuff (i'm a working mom) and funny/entertaining posts.

I know I'm a little slow in responding to this discussion, but I thought I would add my two cents.
I like a more simple design. And I don't mind moms putting adds on their blogs (I have a couple) but sometimes I feel like there can be too much and its a real turn-off to me. Too cluttered and busy.
I like blogs that are true to life. I know some people need to vent, I've done it, but too much complaining is also a turn-off. Funny, entertaining, crafty, do-it-yourselfers... I like all of those.

I know my blog isn't much, but I write about my life with 4 kids ages 5 and under. I try to make my stories fun and entertaining. It helps me to have a better attitude when things get crazy.

I enjoyed reading everyone's feedback to your question! Thanks for asking it!

I don't mind a few giveaways, but when the content is primarily giveaways and reviews and advertisements I'll not follow as closely. I prefer a lot of good, genuine writing and a clean format. My primary interest in blogs is reading great essays and getting to know the writers.

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