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I am still here and trying to get my feet wet. So I have a question for you. I know this varies depending on the purpose of your blogging, but what do YOU think is a decent number of hits or views on your site? I am not sure what I hope to get out of this right now but would like some kind of scale to measure my success by... excluding the pleasure I get out of it of course. Thanks as always for your guidance!

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You're right, it depends a lot on what you want your blog to do (ie: make money, make you famous, inform family), but I know when I started (about a year ago), I was just thrilled to make it to the double digits. Then I was tickled to get over fifty. Now I'm hoping to consistently get over a hundred. Once I get there, my new goal will be 150. I guess what I"m getting at is that stats don't just happen overnight. It takes work, and you have to celebrate the smaller milestones - and try not to compare yourself to other bloggers too much, or it'll just drive you crazy!
it depends what type of blog you are running, kwim?

for me, I blog about my personal life as a biz owner and working from home and breaking into social media, etc. so, I dont hold alot of contests and I get 3K visitors a month with an average visit of 3 minutes

that is really good to ME considering I'm not giving anything away except for my
I'm right there with Clarissa,

The best thing you can do is forget about all of that. Just write. Traffic and stats mean nothing and can be manipulated. Measure your success against your own goals - not what others are experiencing because your goals can be completely different than theirs.

Set a goal for yourself that's not related to traffic stats - IE...write every day, or comment on 20 blogs a week, or highlight the success of someone else once a month. When you reach those goals set new ones and the following will happen naturally, as people connect with you and what you're writing about. If you are meeting your goals - you are a successful blogger! You're better off having 1 loyal reader, than 10 who are only there because you modeled yourself after someone else's success meter.
Great advice. I follow certain bloggers because they really have something of interest, to say. I blog 2-3 times/week and try to visit new bloggers with interests in parenting teenagers, travel, writing, relationships etc.
I think you answered your own question- it depends on your purpose. If you are getting pleasure out of your blog and you started it for fun, keep writing, get engaged in communities and people will start reading. If it's pure numbers you're after, holding giveaways helps drive traffic, but doesn't necessarily created a devoted fan or reader base. If you focus on good writing and building honest relationships in the blogging community you will continue to enjoy blogging and there may be other unexpected benefits that come your way as well.
Thank you thank you thank you! I really appreciate your input on this. I am feeling much better about my approach and the fact that I don't do give aways. I don't know for sure if I even want to do reviews. I like to give my opinion, but usually when it is unsolicited! :)


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