What is blogging for you? A job, a hobby, or a combination of both?

So many mom bloggers are in different phases of blogging. Some are brand-new to blogging and consider it a hobby. Other moms have been blogging for years and now consider it a hybrid between a hobby and a job. And some mom bloggers approach their blogs strictly from a business point of view.

What is blogging for you? A job, a hobby, or a combination of both?

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A way to get rid of the stories that write themselves in my head!
Blogging imposes the discipline of daily writing, which helps with my writing skills.
It is a way to connect. Just about when I think I'm going to give up blogging, someone who I see only occasionally will tell me how they love keeping up with me by blog or how much they enjoyed a post.
I also have a few daily readers who will notify me if they think I'm not blogging often enough.
It certainly isn't a job. If I could beg all of my readers to click on the adsense ads, I might make a little money, but the terms of agreement say you can't ask people to click on your ads.
Blogging is my business! I have turned my hobby into a business in a little over a year and an half. I'm happy to be doing this as my day job and taking care of my kids at the same time. We are in the process of hiring a staff right now and taking the business offline as well. I'm really excited about our new venture. I (like many of you) have put a lot of hard work into my writing and am so glad that it is paying off (and paying some bills). :)
Financially, it is a hobby (I have a full-time career outside of blogging so I am only able to blog as time permits). That being said, my background is in writing so I love being able to flex those creative muscles. I also have a marketing background so I love connecting with sponsors and PR reps etc. So technically it is a hobby, but I treat it more like a job if that makes sense...
I guess it started off as a hobby but became a side job. Maybe it's a jobby? LOL

♥ Deanna/Mommygaga.com
I blog for business reasons but the entries are on a personal level. I enjoy it as a hobby.
A combination of both.

Mine will be combination of both which would be hobby and job at the same time. 

Blogging is therapy for me and I do it as a hobby. I love sharing funny and yummy and beautiful things that I come across.



I'm very open about intent.  I wrote a parenting book and I'd like to have it published.  Therefore, it's an unpaid job.  I have to recruit new followers and provide quality material for parents so they will come back.




My blog right now is a creative outlet for me. I love to write and as a new mom, i've learned a lot from other moms. would I like to get paid? heck yes! I'm a working mom and leaving my child everyday is the last thing i want to do...but i do it. :)

Definitely just a hobby, because a "job" would imply that you're making money from it!
I like the word "jobby"  ; )

Deanna said:
I guess it started off as a hobby but became a side job. Maybe it's a jobby? LOL

♥ Deanna/Mommygaga.com

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