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Most parents I've met have pretty much come to the same basic conclusions about parenting. (lots of TV=bad, homemade, organic food=good, etc.)

But once these limits are attributed to religious beliefs, it's considered fanatical.

So, what is it about faith that people find so "creepy"?

I asked asking this very question on my blog today and would love to get your thoughts! Please stop by.

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Pretty much, people are afraid of what they don’t know, and choosing to deny God, they hide behind their harsh and violent opinions on what godly families are in their minds, doing wrong(and what I mean by harsh- look it up, atheists are demanding the need to "End Hereditary Religion" It's sick, they are seeking to have ALL PARENTAL RIGHTS stripped, and only after kids turn 18 will parents be allowed to give their kids the option of family values. This will not only affect Christians, but any parent, so don't think that it won't come to your doorstep. I know people who say, well,"I wouldn't go that extreme, but I just think kids should have a choice. Parents are there to protect their children, not harm, but granted there are people out there that fully take advantage of God's blessings, but to assume that all Christians should be "stopped" of indoctrinating their own children? Please, look at the history of our nation, people say," Where is God when all these horrible things happened? i.e. Columbine, VA Tech, 9-11. Well, in 1963, America chose to take prayer out of schools, and again in 1973 with the Roe vs. Wade decision. So realistically, we "banned" God from our country along time ago. I'm not saying He isn't Omnipresent, but I am saying that God does not force Himself on those who deny Him, so He gave us what we thought we wanted, a nation under NO God, and look where our nation is now? Bringing this back, I would choose to stand on righteous biblical principles that have withheld Israel, a nation of over 5,000 years, then a country that barely has 200 and would rather do without God.). Anything God will almost immediately cause people to set their face against you. Most people who see Christians, also see us as "intolerant bigots" that hate everyone and everything that is considered sin, and this simply isn't true. We follow the convictions of God, and therefore, let them lead us.

So there is my answer as well as short rant. It is not in my heart to hurt anyone with these words, but I am simply stating the truth. Not buying it? Look up our history and everything that I have posted, and then weigh out everything you've just learned.
Alright, I wasn't going to answer this, but having read the comments I feel compelled to do so.

I am a non-theist, scientist, married to a Jew, and raising a set of ostensibly Jewish children who are really agnostics in the Bible Belt.

You can understand why this isn't easy.

I've been told by Christians that I have gotten to know that they would have thought that I was a good person, if they didn't know that I'm not a believer.

My kids have been assailed on playgrounds with that old canard about the Jews killing Christ.

When you even mention that you are a non-theist, people shrink back in terror as though you were the devil himself.

So, yes, there are a lot of intolerant, bigoted Christians out there. Maybe we non-religious types are suffering from shell-shock.

That said, the original question was about "creepiness."

I don't find true believers creepy. I know and enjoy quite a few. As long as they are willing to accept my non-belief, I don't have a problem with accepting their belief.

I do find some religious folks to be irrational in their disdain for science and progress, but "creepy" is not a word I would use.
I wouldn't use the word creepy either. I think faith is beautiful, but I am VERY open to what a person has faith in.

I value a person having faith in their fellow man just as highly as a person having faith in a higher power.

My greatest wish is that both sides of the fence will stop assuming things of the other. Most atheists I know don't give a rip about what you practice in your home, or teach your children, because they value the religious freedom to make those choices for ourselves as parents. It is just as dangerous and insulting to speak for all atheists as it is to speak for all Christians/Jews/Muslims, DiamondCupcake.

I recently went to hear Marjane Satrapi speak, and she made an excellent point. There are extremists in all groups. There are the zealots, and then there are the rest of us. Unfortunately for everyone, it is the zealots that make the news. It is unfair and hurtful to assume you know everything about ANY "group" or "type" of person. But assuming sure makes it easier to dehumanize them, and then to attack them.

I have faith that people are better than that. I also have faith that people are making the best decisions they can with the cards they have.

I may not know for certain why we are here, but I have faith that it is to live amongst and with EACH OTHER. Our differences would be just as much of a part of the plan as our similarities.
Interesting topic. I'm Agnostic but think it's wonderful when people feel so connected to their religion.

I don't like religion pushed onto me, but I don't find being heavily involved in their faith as being creepy at all. I think when a certain element is all consuming and you use it as a reason for all of your behaviors and actions.. then maybe it borders on creepy. But I would apply that to those other aspects of parenting you mentioned as well.


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