Hi Everyone,
I hope you had a happy and safe Christmas!!

First do you want to be a sponsor or do you want to have a box!!

There are two different boxes. One is filled with samples from the best handmade products on the web and on Etsy!!!!

The other box is called My Dream Direct Sale Box


I wanted to tell you a little about my business which could really help you market. Its free for you!!
Or if your looking for that perfect homebased business and not sure which company to go with then this is for you too

What is My Dream Direct Sale Box. Its a box filled with samples and information from different direct sale companies.I send out a box to people who are looking for a homebased business. They get to look through the box with the information you send to help them make the decision of why They want to join your company.

Our box features one rep from each direct sale company.

Our January box which is going out January 31. So far I have 43 people wanting this box. What that means to you if you would like to be a sponsor is you will be seen by people who you might never had the chance to tell about your business to.

Or if you are looking for a business you can now read about the different companies out there, try a sample and see if this is the one you would like to sign up for.

If you would like to be a sponsor please email me so I can give you the information you need. Please tell your friends, downlines and more..

If you are wanting a box you can go right to the web site.


Remember we also have our My Dream Sample Box filled with samples that are all handmade by the best people on the web and on Etsy!!



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