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Hi mummy bloggers,

I need your help; I want to write a blog post with a collection of advice from mothers from all over the world. I love reading collaborations and featured posts on different blogs and I hope you do too.

Please tell me the best advice you would give a pregnant or a new mummy? And leave me a link to your blog so I can check it out.

*I would link everyone’s blog to the post.

Thanks a lot

Hope to hear from all of you  

My blog is 

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Hi Tasha, Thanks for your advice, boy do I miss sleeping through the night!! 

Lovely blog by the way, I just subscribed to it :)

Don't be so hard on yourself. Take advice as it comes, but follow your instincts in making right choices for your baby & your family.

Thanks Maria, that's wonderful advice :)

Hi Samsam! I would tell any new mommy to just relax and you can read more here: 

You can click here to visit my blog.

I hope this helps!






Hi Renee, Thank you so much for your advice :)

Hi ladies just letting you know that I published the post finally, please check it out and feel free to comment :)

My advice? It's ok to not get everything right the first time ;) I am a mom to 2 lovely children. I was so stressed out with my first born that I planned everything to the tee. But you know sometimes, not everything work out the way you planned it to. Just trust your gut instinct and enjoy your pregnancy and once your beautiful bundle of joy is born, enjoy your time with your baby. Motherhood is a blessing! <3

good luck & best wishes.


My best advice would be to first of all eat good and healthy thats very important to have a healthy child which leads to healthy life long

then be stress free and happy during entire nine months, exercise a bit and just be happy :)

The best advice i'd give to new moms is to be yourself and do what works for YOU and YOUR family. 

My blog is here: 

Thanks for checking it out ;) 


The best advice I got before having my son was that breastfeeding would be my FULL-TIME job in the first 6 weeks. I was told upfront that nursing would take all of my time.  I went to a talk by the author of a breastfeeding book, and she said: "if you pack the dishwasher you've worked overtime".  It helped me enormously. I was able to set up my milk supply in the first 6 weeks and have such a happy relationship to nursing, that I'm still breastfeeding my son now (he's a 3 year old toddler).

Thanks for offering to include a link to my website.  Happy Human Pacifer

Would love to read your article once it's posted.  Awesome idea! 



Ooops, I see I missed this boat!  Okay, I'll go have a read....

err... Samsam, please supply the link to your post... I popped over Simply A Mama and can't seem to find a post posted in August 2016. 

Samsam M. said:

Hi ladies just letting you know that I published the post finally, please check it out and feel free to comment :)

Do not compare your own motherhood journey (from pregnancy to raising your kid) with another mom's! :) 

Read more here


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