I'm doing a segment on the Today Show Monday morning about the hot toys of the season...loved to hear what's "hot" on your child's wish list and if you're having trouble finding them!

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Air Hogs
Zhu Zhu pets and accessories and Strider bikes for toddlers. I'm having a very hard time finding the Zhu Zhu pets and when I do they are really marked up in price. The bike I have been able to find online,but certain colors (like pink) were a little harder to find.
My 8 yo is big into A.G. of course but just discovered bfcink which is a fraction of the cost! She wants all the accessories and 18 inch dolls, which she claims is actually MUCH better than American Girl.


My 6 yo boy is really into Bakugans... if someone can explain that to me, I'm all ears.
I'm featuring the zhu zhu's on Monday -- they are hard to fine. TRU will be giving out tickets to folks on Black Friday to the first 100 people to buy ONE pet. Of course Black Friday starts at midnight for TRU--so you have to be really committed to getting up earlier. I haven't tested the strider --but we have had great feedback on the Kazam bike. Our testers loved that it had an adjustable seat.
Which one? We were all excited about the switchblade--but it didn't not work very well. On the other hand their little helicopters are very cool--and fun to fly -- just as long as it's not near your glass or china!
Lol...Bakugans are to this generation what Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles were to those that came before them. Have you ever tried to sit and watch an episode of Bakugans?

That's good to know about BFCINK.com. When we first saw them our testers were much more into the AG dolls and Karito Kids. The books that come with AG are still much better-- but then again I think this is more about doll play and collectibility than the story...so if she's happy with accessories that cost a lot less, enjoy! I remember buying a nightgown for my niece when AG first came out. It went with Kirsten's nightgown--it cost more than nightgowns I was buying for myself!

Are the Liv dolls big in your house or the new Moxie dolls? We working on a piece comparing the new fashion dolls to Barbie.
Believe it or not~ Bendaroos. I asked my 5 year old daughter what she wanted and she screamed BENDAROOS. My sister bought them for my niece and they both have fun playing with it. I HAVE to get this for Christmas.
Strider is Fabulous! I received one for review and my son learned to ride a bike in 2weeks. I really like the Strider Company, Ryan is amazing! I had a giveaway for one a few weeks ago.

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