What Type of Husband do you have?


What Type of Husband Do You Have?

Being married is a tough job under the best of circumstances.  As you get older the things that you thought were cute just becoming well there is no nice way to put it. They just become “Damn Annoying.”    As women, we tend to discuss the things that drive us mad about out “SOUL MATE.”   So when you see that John always has time to wash the car, return the videos, and play ball in the front yard with little Johnny.  As women, we start to question, why type of husband do I have?

Now before you cop an attitude and leave my good friends site, I am not saying that your Bob is a bad person but it does not appear that he is coping with married life as well as let’s say John, Joe or Henry at the end of the street.  Let’s make some excuses from him, so that you will feel better.   Maybe he has a busier job, let organizational skills, he is forgetful, or you married your father therefore old age is dictating why he cannot keep.  If one of them doesn’t apply to you them, come up with one on your own.   Of just use the old, he is just lazy.  That might be my husband fault.

What do you do when you are constantly questioning why did my neighbor win the testosterone lottery and I have been putting coins in the wrong machine for years?  How do you combat that need to compare? Or do you think that regardless you are just not happy with your situation so comparing is a way to mask all the other issues.  Let’s face it ladies, you are comparing every time you look at to what you spouse is doing or not doing compared to your friend’s neighbors.

How do you combat this?  Stop comparing.  You cannot compare one human to another.  We all have flaws.  Not to sound harsh but let me tell you a little story.

I will start it with once upon a time so you will now where it starts.

Once upon a time there were two women and one was always angry.  And there was me, I was not angry all the time. I did not have time to be angry all the time. This friend was always angry at her husband.  Every time I’d see her she was depressed, angry, upset, and unhappy about something and it all stemmed around her husband.   “Tony does not do this.  Tony does not do that.  Tony, Tony, Tony.”   So one day when she was complaining yet again about Tony shortcoming.  I finally told her the reason I don’t’ complain about my husband.  She said why you would not complain. I told her that I have a lot to complain about.

  1. He is horrible at locking the door.
  2. He does not take out the trash.
  3. He does not clean
  4. He does not help with the children
  5. He does not cook.
  6. I cannot leave the house all day because he will let the kids play all day and as long as they say they are not hungry he will go with that and not feed them.
  7. He will not wash his car and will trash mine if I let him.
  8. He does not help pay the bills even though he does bring in the money.
  9. There is no intimacy
  10. And the worst thing in the world is he does not support my dreams because he thinks he is smarter than I.

My friend sat down and said wow; I cannot believe that your husband is all of that.   I cannot believe that you are not complaining about him.  I said that I cannot complain because the truth of the matter is that I probably knew these things prior to the wedding and I SHOULD HAVE MARRIED BETTER if I felt that I deserve better than I have.

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