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I need advice, opinions, help for a problem that I am having at the moment. Here is the scenario:

Small company offers $325 prize, I write review (keep in mind I got no compensation for this, not even a review product, I know silly me) contest runs, winner chosen, and I contact the company. Don't hear back for a week, they respond to a second email I send saying they will contact the winner asap. Winner still after 2 weeks has heard nothing. They are now not responding to me.

Here is what I want to do just not sure of the "etiquette" here.
I would love to write a follow up post about the "customer service" of this company and describe what they have done. Is that wrong? I would even go as far as saying I would write an email letting them know of what I will do before I do it and see if they respond to that.

I am not a mean, vindictive person but this was a hefty prize and I feel they took advantage of this "free advertising I so stupidly gave them. They are a HARO client as well and I could let Peter Shankman know they are a no good company too.

I don't know any ideas? What would you do?

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Give them one more chance. Email them again and tell them that you are going to blog about their horrible service. And if they still don't respond use every tool you can do get your winner their prize, even if that means blogging about them and telling Peter Shankman.
I would give them another chance or two. Maybe it's just an issue with their emails or something.
I agree with Jennifer 100%. I would even include that in the email..."threatening" to tell Peter Shankman.
Thats a great question.
I haven't jumped onto the giveaway bandwagon simply because I doubt the validity of the process.

Let us know how the situation turns out.
Yup, email them again

Tell them how they are making you look bad to your readers. The winner is looking to you for their prize and because they are not sending it you will be forced to write a post so your readers know it's not your fault but theirs. I'd let HARO know as well if it doesn't get resolved. Tell them you want shipping confirmation including a tracking number before you'll agree not to write the post. Give them a deadline to respond - 24 hours, 48 hours whatever. Good luck!
This may sound ludicrous in the online world (I'm new to its politics!), but is there a phone number you can call and actually talk to someone? I have been in one situation where I've received poor customer service and part of that stemmed from many excuses of "lost" emails. I think it can be too easy for people to avoid emails sometimes and a phone call will let them know you are serious!
I agree w/ Barb try calling. I had a experience similar to this and as soon as I called it was taken care of.
Thank you for all the advice.

I contacted them (nicely) one last time, I figured I would not threaten. I got a message back saying

"Hi, we were closed for 10 days, will get in touch with winner tomorrow."

I almost laughed when I read this as they knew of the winner about 10 days before they closed for 10 days. Bad business if you ask me.

But I forwarded the message to winner asking for her to let me know if she was contacted and she was. So fingers crossed that all goes well with the whole deal on her end.

This is actually the second time a company has dragged their feet on me with something they deem unimportant. They got their free advertising (which I really need to learn when to say no lol) and they take their time fulfilling the prize. Again very unprofessional if you ask me, and I don't want their slack to hurt me.

Thank you again I really appreciate you all taking the time to help me :)
<3 MBC!!!!!!!
I'd let HARO know, apologize to winner (obviously it's not your fault and out of your control), and leave it at that. Also, I wouldn't speak negatively about the company but also wouldn't recommend them in the future.


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